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Best socially distant dates in London

The global pandemic has undeniably hit Britain hard. And ever-changing restrictions seem to keep limiting what we’re able to do. So how do you go about sweeping somebody off their feet if you can’t get a seat in a late-night restaurant or go within arm’s length of any other people?

Fortunately, dating in London is easy, in spite of the pandemic. Social distancing doesn’t need to be an obstacle if you embrace the City’s outdoor activities. And you can still get some Dutch courage in you if you know where to go. On that note, here’s our selection of the best socially distanced dates in London. Socially distant dates in London

Sail down the Thames

What could be more romantic than slowly sailing past iconic landmarks like the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye? There are still plenty of tour operators offering boat rides down the Thames, some that you can enjoy as part of a socially distanced group and others that offer more exclusive experiences. Add some adrenaline to your day by taking a speedboat that exceeds speeds of 35 mph. Fancy wowing your potential better half with some exquisite jewellery? Check out our Crown Jewels of London Tour with a River Cruise.

Bottomless Outdoor Comedy Night

There’s no denying that some of the best dates are the booziest, so why not enjoy 90-minutes of free-flowing beer, wine and spirits at the Bottomless Outdoor Comedy Night? Held every Friday and Saturday night at the Vauxhall Food and Beer Garden, this event brings more than just a few beverages to the mix. There are also quizzes, live comedy shows and musical acts. It’ll certainly be a night to (mostly) remember.

The Luna Cinema

Taking your date to the cinema is a classic move. But if you want your movie night to be a tad different to the norm, you should head to the Luna Cinema, an outdoor cinema that pops up in locations ranging from Dulwich Park to the South Grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea. Some of the latest blockbusters, such as Joker, have been aired here, but you can also watch hits such as Pretty Woman and Back to the Future.

Sky Garden Music Nights

Cast your eyes over the cityscape of London by taking your date to the Sky Garden located right at the top of the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building. It’s one of the City’s biggest rooftop gardens, so there’s plenty of room for social distancing. From this luxurious terrace, you can spot landmarks like The Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge, all while enjoying a fine cocktail or two. And, some of the best live music acts in London add excitement to the atmosphere.

Neverland Fulham Beach Club

Feel the sand between your toes as you woo your date by heading to Neverland Fulham Beach Club, which brings the joys of the seaside to the heart of London. Located by the banks of the Thames, this sandy strip is complete with socially distanced pergolas, day beds and beach bubbles. And the pastel-coloured huts provide a relaxing place to enjoy a bit of shade. Best of all, booze is available – and good booze at that. Try the passionfruit Martini or the Hawaiian spritz.