Romantic Things to Do in London on Valentines Day

In my experience, every time you fall in love with a person you also fall in love with a place. The special moments and loving hours that you spend together are so deeply rooted in a sense of place that the city becomes an inextricable part of your story. The memory will always be tied to the special spaces you shared.

And London is full of special spaces. From kisses at the top of the Monument to silly photographs in front of Tower Bridge, London is a patchwork of new experiences – a playground in which explore, discover, and enjoy. Of course, if you’re going to visit as a couple there’re a few places we’d recommend. Our guide to the perfect valentine’s day in London can help you get the most of your special day together.

Wake up together next to Hyde Park

There’s nothing more romantic than walking through the park arm in arm first thing in the morning. Hyde Park, with its rolling green meadows and gorgeous lakeside walks, is simply the perfect place for this. Take a stroll, or a light run if you prefer, down the banks of the Serpentine and stop for a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful Italian Water Gardens at its northern edge. If you can find the time, take a brief look around Kensington Palace gardens, or stop in at the Serpentine Gallery to take in some culture. Check out the Milestone Hotel for great accommodation right next to the park.

Brunch in Kensington

Well, you need some time to laze in bed after all; breakfast may be just that little bit too early. Kensington has some of the nicest little eateries in the capital. Raison D’etre, Montparnasse Cafe, and Ffiona’s are all beautiful brunch spots with a romantic vibe. If, when you’ve finished, you find yourself with an appetite for something fun and stimulating then it’s only a short walk to the Natural History Museum, V&A, and the Science Museum.

Shopping on Portobello Road

This colorful market street right in the center of Notting Hill is the perfect combination of distinguished and hipster. With a wild range of street food and drinking establishments, there’s always something to new to discover and explore together. Wander in and out of some of the antique stalls, record shops, and fashion stores for a taste of the authentic London experience. Don’t miss out on the pop-up bar and food stalls at Acklam Village market towards the northern end of Portobello Road.

Dinner and champagne on the river

I’ve searched high and low for romantic spots in London, and honestly, I can’t find anywhere more romantic than the Thames River itself. Meandering down the river side by side, you and your loved one can enjoy a glass of champagne and watch some of London’s best-known sights roll past the window. See the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Greenwich from the warm coziness of your sightseeing ferry. Take the evening ferry and you’ll get to experience the city lit up in all its glory.

For something a little different this valentine’s day, our selection of Small Group Experiences offer some fantastic experiences for couples, from baking to antique hunting. Take a look!