The 10 Most romantic places to propose in Britain

The good news is that you’ve done the hard bit, found the person you want to be with forever, and hopefully found a ring. But now comes the nerve-racking bit where you have to seal the deal with a romantic proposal in the perfect location.

And the location does matter because nobody wants a sense of anti-climax when the big question is popped. To help you on your way to the perfect proposal, here we delve into Britain’s most romantic places to propose, from secluded gardens to sleepy riverside settings.

Lake District

Packed with enough greenery to make one dizzy, the Lake District’s rugged mountains, serene lakes and literary associations all combine to make most visitors fall on both knees in awe. Here, we just need you to fall on one.

Stratford Upon Avon

Modern-day Romeos and Juliets could do much worse than picking Shakespeare’s birthplace for a bout of romance. A medieval market town surrounded by stunning Warwickshire countryside, if it was good enough for the Bard (who was happily married to Anne Hathaway for 34 years), it’s probably good enough for you.


Take a walk to Queen’s Park Bridge, which spans the River See, and look down on mile upon mile of weeping willows, groves and resplendent riverbank. And if that’s not enough to get the feelings flowing, return in the summer, when the city hosts a series of parades, concerts and festivals for a more upbeat proposal.


Known as the ‘Athens of the North’, the Scottish capital clutters Instagram with its countless panoramic views. Some of the best are found on Arthur’s Seat (which starred in the film One Day) and Carlton Hill, where a list of famous landmarks is sure to soften your other half into saying ‘yes’.


Whether you lift to the top of the Shard or wander around Kyoto Garden’s waterfall, London possesses more romantic spots than most countries. However, a bucket list of the best must include The Monument, which has a quiet intimacy at its summit, and the HMS President, which is always covered in flowers and art and has a bar to celebrate afterwards.


Bath’s iconic Georgian architecture means you’ll be spoilt for choice regarding picturesque proposal locations. But if you want an especially memorable setting, it’s best to head slightly out of town to the landscaped gardens of Prior Park. Laid out on grounds sculpted by Capability Brown, you’ll find one of the most impressive bridges on this idyllic estate. Suitably Palladian and unapologetically majestic, it was never meant to be if your partner refuses you here.


Stroll along the Albert Dock, listen to a concert at the Philharmonic or enjoy afternoon tea at The London Carriage Works to soften up your other half. Then make a beeline for the Anglican cathedral as dusk falls; the views from its gothic tower offer an incredible backdrop to your big moment.


It should be no surprise that a site renowned for its spirituality has become a popular place for couples to propose. Encircled by stone, pierced by shards of sunlight, and saturated with a sense of the sublime, Stonehenge is the perfect place for couples to form an everlasting bond.

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