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London’s best walks in the snow

Even though Christmas is around the corner, it’s rare to get snow before January or February in the UK. However, a white Christmas isn’t unheard of in the UK, and there’s nothing that makes you feel more Christmassy than a blanket of fresh powder dusting the fields of London’s beautiful parks.

If we get snow this year, we want you to be prepared. That means woolly hats and mittens, but it also means being in the know when it comes to London’s best walks in the snow. The snow changes London in magical ways, and we want you to see the best of what winter has to offer the city.

Take a look at our favourite walks around the capital for when the snows fall – and keep your fingers crossed!


If you’re looking for a walk that gives the very best of what London has to offer, then this sojourn across Blackheath is definitely the top choice. Start at Blackheath train station and head up the hill to Blackheath.

Pass under the beautiful All Saints Church, which looks gorgeous in the snow, and enjoy the short walk across the heath towards Greenwich park. From here, you’ll get to explore the Royal Observatory, the Wilderness Deer Park and the National Maritime Museum before stopping for lunch at Greenwich’s fantastic street market.

Kensington Gardens

The lesser-known sister of Hyde Park is arguably the more spectacular for a variety of reasons. Its untamed grass and woodland areas are particularly beautiful in the snow, and key features like the Italian Gardens and the Albert Memorial create some spectacular winter scenes.

Get lost amongst the snow-covered branches for half an hour or so before wandering down towards South Kensington for a hot chocolate in one of the city’s top-end cafes.

Primrose Hill

With one of the best views in the city of London and some of the most iconic architectural scenes in the city, Primrose Hill is a spot that simply couldn’t be missed off our list. In the wintertime, the park becomes a playground for rosy-cheeked fun seekers as they build snowmen and race sledges down the steep hill.

Once you’ve taken in the view, take a stroll back down to Regent’s Park and enjoy some of the beautiful gardens there. You could even stop in at London Zoo for a look at some of their wintery residents.

Kew Gardens

From treetop walks to Japanese rock gardens and jungle hothouses, Kew Gardens has some of the city’s best walking spots whatever the weather. The snow adds a totally new dimension to this gorgeous attraction, however, as the snow-covered trees weave an intricate canopy above visitors’ heads.

The Great Pagoda looks particularly beautiful when dusted with a couple of inches of icy powder. Don’t forget that Kew Gardens also puts on its spectacular ‘Christmas at Kew’ light show at this time of year.

If you’ve explored all these gorgeous walks and still want some new ways to see the city, take a look at our range of fantastic London walking tours.