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A Visitor’s Guide To Windsor Castle

Rising majestically above the historic town of Windsor set alongside the River Thames, Windsor Castle has been home to British monarchs for over 900 years – 40 of them, to be precise.

The largest inhabited castle in the world is a favoured residential home of the current monarch, His Majesty The King, who often divides his time between the castle and his official home in London, Buckingham Palace.

To help you make the most of your trip to Windsor, we’ve put together this handy guide that includes essential information such as how to get there, how much it costs to get in, where to book tours of the castle and even throw in some interesting facts!

Windsor Castle Facts

Where is Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle is located in the town of Windsor in Berkshire, England.

Who lives in Windsor Castle?

The castle is one of three official residences of His Majesty King Charles III and has been home to British Kings and Queens for almost 1,000 years.

How many rooms are inside Windsor Castle?

With around 1,000 rooms, the castle is one of the biggest residences in the world.

When was Windsor Castle built?

Construction began on the castle in 1070 AD and took 16 years to complete.

Who built Windsor Castle?

The castle was constructed by William the Conqueror to guard the western approach to London.

Did you know?

  • Despite being built by William the Conqueror, the first monarch to actually live in the castle was Henry I
  • To date, 40 monarchs have called Windsor Castle home
  • The oldest glazed window in the castle dates to 1236
  • The Great Kitchen is the oldest working kitchen in the country
  • A fire at the castle in 1992 destroyed 20% of the castle grounds

Getting There

Is Windsor Castle in London?

No. The castle is located 22 miles (35 km) outside of London in the country of Berkshire, England.

How much is the entrance fee to Windsor Castle?

Individual ticket prices for the 2024-25 season can be found below. Please note ticket prices do not include transport.

Youth (18-24)£19.50
Child (5-17)£15.00

How to get to Windsor Castle?

Windsor is easy to reach by car or public transportation from London, and travel time varies between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

Train – Windsor is served by two train stations, Windsor and Eton Central and Windsor and Eton Riverside. Which train station you’ll end up at depends on your chosen train operator, but each station is no more than 10 minutes from the castle.

Great Western Railway run services from Paddington Station in London to Windsor and Eton Central via Slough. As the train stops at Slough, you’ll need to get a connecting train through Windsor and Eton Central.

  • Journey Time: 25-50 minutes (depending on connections and timings)
  • Price: £10.90 (Adult) / £5.85 (Child)

South Western Railway operate services between Waterloo Station in London and Windsor and Eton Riverside. Unlike GWR trains, these trains do not involve a changeover and run directly into Windsor.

  • Journey Time: 50 minutes
  • Price: £10.80 (Adult) / £5.40 (Child)


It is possible to drive to Windsor from London in about 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes via the A4 & M4 motorway/A40, although this depends entirely on road conditions on the day and the time of year. Depending on your route, you may also have to pay road tolls and a daily congestion charge of £15 to drive through Central London.

For this reason, we wouldn’t recommend travelling by car. However, if you do decide to make the journey by car and want to avoid toll charges, the A40 is the best option.

Day Tour by Coach


In our opinion, a guided tour of Windsor Castle from London is the best way to make the most of your trip to the castle. But why would you want to choose a guided tour?

  • Hassle-free – pay one package price. No separate tickets
  • Includes transport to and from Windsor
  • Explore other historical sites on a fantastic full-day tour
  • Stress-free – avoid planning your own transport
  • Sevices of an expert tour guide
  • Zero complications – no hidden/extra costs
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard
  • USB charging at every seat

Not to mention the fact that our Windsor Castle tours include stops at other historic locations such as Stonehenge and the Roman Baths and the beautiful city of Oxford.

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath Tour

Discover three of England’s national treasures on this full-day tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Bath. Visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Windsor Castle, an official residence of the King and home of the British monarchy for more than 900 years.

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford Tour

On this fantastic full-day tour, you can explore over 5,000 years of British history in one day, from the Neolithic period to Medieval England and the modern day. You will visit a UNESCO World Heritage site, the 900-year-old home of the British monarchy, and a historic town home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities, with origins that can be traced back to the eleventh century—also known as ‘The City of Dreaming Spires’.