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Top Stonehenge Podcasts for History Enthusiasts

Stonehenge has been a source of fascination and intrigue for centuries. Besides the millions of visitors each year, its massive stones and celestial alignments continue to spark the curiosity of history enthusiasts, archaeologists, and podcasters alike.

If you wish to delve deep into the history, theories, and mysteries surrounding Stonehenge, look no further than the world of podcasts. Here’s our selection of favourite Stonehenge podcasts digging into the neolithic site’s past and the enigmas it holds.

stonehenge construction

“Stonehenge”, The British Museum Membercast by Iszi Lawrence

Renowned for its impressive collection of artefacts and knowledge about Stonehenge, The British Museum has created an incredible podcast, “Stonehenge“. In this podcast animated by comedian Iszi Lawrence, you’ll hear about the theories of experts, archaeologists, and historians who share their insights, discoveries, and research on Stonehenge.

“A wonder of the world – Stonehenge, Wiltshire” by Neil Oliver

Host Neil Oliver depicts the majestuous site built with huge stones weighing up to 40 tons and great sarsen trilithons. Discover how Stonehenge brought our ancestors and their ideas together and tracked the light, the planets and time.

Stonehenge by English Heritage

As caring for and preserving Stonehenge, English Heritage is at the forefront of research efforts. Amongst other deeply fascinating history podcasts, the Stonehenge series tells you more about the ongoing conservation projects related to the monument. You can also discover special art exhibitions, volunteering work and more.

Digging Deeper with the Ancients

Looking at the monolithic stones on the Salisbury Plains, “Digging Deeper with the Ancients” is a podcast that tells you what Stonehenge was made for, the theories behind who built it and when it was built. Also, it looks at the popular culture influenced by this fantastic monument. 

a man dressed up as a druid at stonehenge

“Story of England: Stone Age to Roman Days” by Dan Snow’s History Hit

British Historian Dan Snow brings his expertise and passion for history to the podcasting world by revealing the mysterious plinths at Stonehenge in the southwest of England. He uncovers how the stones arrived in Salisbury from Western Wales and the ancient burial practices of England’s early humans with English Heritage curator Heather Sabire.

“The History of England” by David Crowther

David Crowther’s podcast series takes you back to old England from its earliest days to modern times. While Stonehenge is just one part of this engaging podcast series, Crowther’s style and meticulous research will help you appreciate the historical context in which Stonehenge was built.

“Stonehenge has a traffic problem” by National Geographic

Back to our times, this ‘Overheard’ podcast series analyses traffic and touristic congestion in and around Stonehenge. In this podcast, you’ll learn about the British government’s plan to build a tunnel near the monument and why historians and modern Druids are worried this could impact the sacred monument.

“Stonehenge” by The Ancients

In this episode, host Tristan Hughes is joined by Dr Sue Greaney to highlight Stonehenge’s prehistoric story. Together, they explore this monument’s creation and early evolution during the Neolithic c.5,000 years ago and the story behind the people who built it.

“Stonehenge” by The Rest is History

Hosts Tom and Dominic discuss with Stonehenge expert Mike Pitts all the big questions surrounding the site: Who built it? How did they build it? What was it built for? The Rest Is History Club records episodes weekly and offers access to an exclusive chatroom community to further the discussion.

“Stonehenge: Everything You Wanted to Know” by History Extra

This podcast is cut into two parts and relates the fascinating chronology of Stonehenge, again led by expert archaeologist Mike Pitts – and author of How to Build Stonehenge -, who answers listener questions on the most famous prehistoric site in Britain.

“Stonehenge: A History” by Gresham College Lectures

Another podcast by Mike Pitts presents the context in which Stonehenge and British antiquity were shaped in times of empire and war and their popular histories. While showcasing what we know about the site with compelling evidence, Mike Pitts uncovers the secret of ancient communities and how they impacted modern Britain.

“Stonehenge” by Short History Audiobooks

Asking all the legitimate questions – What is Stonehenge? A celestial clock? An ancient computer to predict eclipses? Was it a temple, a cemetery, or a site of execution? And who were the people who lived and died to create this Stone Age masterpiece? – this podcast was written by writer and podcaster Jo Furniss with support from Julian Richards, author of the official Stonehenge guidebook. Listen on Audible.

“The Monumental Mystery of Stonehenge” by Daisy Eagan

As the origins of the circle still remain a mystery today, writer and actress Daisy Eagan unveils theories and facts about the construction of Stonehenge in this intriguing podcast.

We hope these captivating podcasts will help you uncover the secrets of Stonehenge before visiting the site yourself. For more episodes and series, check this comprehensive list. If you’re more of a bookworm, we also gathered a selection of books to read before heading to Stonehenge.

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