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10 books about Stonehenge to read before you go

As one of the world’s most enigmatic sites, Stonehenge intrigues those who make the journey to its rural setting on the Salisbury Plain. And while any trip to see these standing stones proves rewarding, the journey becomes even more fascinating after first gaining insight into the theories surrounding them.

See Stonehenge for yourself once you’ve made your reading selection with one of our memorable Stonehenge Tours. Here are our favourite Stonehenge books to complete your trip.

Stonehenge: Making Sense of a Prehistoric History

Drawing on years of research and excavation, Professor Mike Parker Pearson gives us his account of Stonehenge’s intriguing history and the mystery that still surrounds the standing stones. The book features stunning images by photographer Adam Stanford and reconstruction artist Peter Dunn.

Where is Stonehenge?

Part of the New York Times best-selling series, this read looks beyond the standing stones’ physical location to explain theories surrounding Stonehenge and the people who constructed this monument thousands of years ago.

Stonehenge: The Story So Far

After being involved with this prehistoric site for 25 years, archaeologist, broadcaster and Stonehenge expert Julian Richards wrote this book to give a fresh perspective on the story behind the standing stones. Richards pays particular attention to how they were built and the events surrounding them throughout the centuries.

The Mysteries of Stonehenge: Myth and Ritual at the Sacred Centre

This new publication by Count Nikolai Tolstoy is the result of years of study and analysis into what is one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries. By focusing on the myths and rituals that have been passed down throughout time, Tolstoy strives to tell the human story behind the stones.

Stonehenge: The Story of a Sacred Landscape 

This coffee table book by archaeologist Francis Pryor not only looks into the history of Stonehenge and this sacred land, but it also focuses on the site’s wider cultural context, as well as the different ways it has been interpreted over the centuries.


By taking a look at the mysteries surrounding who built Stonehenge and why, this book by archaeologists Caroline Malone and Nancy Stone Bernard reveals some of the myths, legends and lies that have been told since the 12th century.

The Making of Stonehenge

While many people search for the story behind Stonehenge and the reason for its existence, the author, Rodney Castleden, looks at the physical construction of the monument to gain an understanding of how it was built and how the site has been used throughout time.

The Amazing Pop-up Stonehenge

The ancient stones become even more captivating to children in this colourful illustrated pop-up book by Julian Richards, which looks into who built Stonehenge, when they built it and why.

The Story of Stonehenge: Activity Guide 

This interactive children’s book takes the reader on a tour of Stonehenge, telling the story of its existence through illustrated pages encompassing a quiz, word search, and other activities. Each page is illustrated by Peter Cottrill.

The Secrets of Stonehenge

Drawing on up-to-date discoveries, The Secrets of Stonehenge answers every child’s questions about why this monument was erected, how it was built, and what the site has been used for over time. The illustrated story is told by Mick Manning and Brita Granström. 

If you’re feeling inspired to visit the ancient standing stones, join one of our Stonehenge tours to see the enigmatic monument in your own time.