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Planning a trip to London or the UK? These local guides will ensure you get the most out of your visit and provide you with some helpful hints & tips

How to get to Stonehenge from London

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Located on the wind-swept Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK; each year more than1.3 million people visit this ancient, mysterious site. However, the site itself… Continue Reading →

The 6 very BEST places to shop in London

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Looking for travel tips on where to shop in London? Those seeking some retail therapy while visiting the city are in for a treat; the capital is a global shopping haven, with some of the world’s top brands making their… Continue Reading →

5 Areas to Go Out in London

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It’s common knowledge that London’s party scene is among the best in the world. The sheer size and diversity of the city mean that there is something for everyone, from classy hotel bars to hipster techno venues; you’ll find anything… Continue Reading →

Is the London Pass Worth It?

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Value for money? London is one of the most-visited cities in the world and is suitably packed full of popular tourist highlights such as ‘Big Ben’, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and many more. The London Pass provides… Continue Reading →

Which London travel card is right for you?

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London is a massive city. Covering some 607 square miles (or 1,572 km), it is the most populated city in Europe within its city limits. Despite its size, the city maintains an effective and efficient transport system that connects all 32… Continue Reading →

9 Coolest Secret London Bars

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If you’ve spent any time in London, you’re bound to have tried a few of its wonderful pubs and bars. You probably had a pretty good time, too. However, all the time you walked its streets, you may not have… Continue Reading →

6 Active date ideas in London

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When it comes to taking your crush out for a night (or day!) on the town, sometimes the classics – dinner, movie and drinks – just make it seem like you’re not putting in the effort. If you really want… Continue Reading →

7 Interesting stores in London

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Don’t worry. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to come home from the capital replete with a union jack flag and an ‘I Heart London’ teeshirt. However, if you’re looking for a souvenir that’s a little more original, then… Continue Reading →

7 hipster things to do in London

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London is one of the fashion capitals of the world. That means you’ll see a huge range of class, chic and style on its streets. But not all the fashion conscious among us want to strut our stuff down Carnaby… Continue Reading →

7 Things to do in London for couples

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Paris may be the city of love, but London is the city couples come to when they really want to have a good time. Of course, the perfect day (and night!) out looks a little different for every couple. Whether… Continue Reading →

5 Real-Life Spy Locations in London

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When you walk through the streets of the capital, the bright, friendly hustle and bustle look innocent enough. However, London is more than just a cultural centre – it’s one of the most politically important cities in the world. It… Continue Reading →

Cultural things to do in London

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Whether you’re the world’s greatest culture vulture or just like to absorb a bit of the local flavor, London is the place to be when it comes to art. Unfortunately, if you’re visiting the capital for only a short while,… Continue Reading →

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