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Strange Stonehenge Theories

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Around 5,000 years ago, ancient people began construction on the world’s most famous Neolithic monument. Stonehenge, as it would come to be known, has been a mystery ever since. Whoever built it left no written record and few clues behind… Continue Reading →

These are the 5 most haunted places in London

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In talks with the European Union, the British government has planned their exit from the EU for Halloween 2019. Whether or not you see this as a spooky prospect in itself, it’s got us here in the Evan Evans in… Continue Reading →

The Best Places To Enjoy London’s Amazing Street Art

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London has some of the best high culture on offer anywhere in the world; world-class museums, lavish art galleries and fantastic theatres are found all over the city. However, beneath this veneer of high culture lies a thriving grassroots movement… Continue Reading →

5 Areas to Go Out in London

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It’s common knowledge that London’s party scene is among the best in the world. The sheer size and diversity of the city mean that there is something for everyone, from classy hotel bars to hipster techno venues; you’ll find anything… Continue Reading →

9 Coolest Secret London Bars

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If you’ve spent any time in London, you’re bound to have tried a few of its wonderful pubs and bars. You probably had a pretty good time, too. However, all the time you walked its streets, you may not have… Continue Reading →

6 Active date ideas in London

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When it comes to taking your crush out for a night (or day!) on the town, sometimes the classics – dinner, movie and drinks – just make it seem like you’re not putting in the effort. If you really want… Continue Reading →

7 Interesting stores in London

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Don’t worry. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to come home from the capital replete with a union jack flag and an ‘I Heart London’ teeshirt. However, if you’re looking for a souvenir that’s a little more original, then… Continue Reading →

5 Real-Life Spy Locations in London

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When you walk through the streets of the capital, the bright, friendly hustle and bustle look innocent enough. However, London is more than just a cultural centre – it’s one of the most politically important cities in the world. It… Continue Reading →

7 Movies filmed on the London Underground

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As the oldest and arguably most famous public transport systems in the world, the London Underground has long been a source of inspiration for filmmakers, with everything from Hollywood blockbusters to indie horror movies filmed on the London Underground. It’s… Continue Reading →

London’s 7 Best Waterside Pubs and Restaurants

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When you look at a map of London, it seems as though the Thames is some great dividing line separating the north and south sides of the city. In actuality, the Thames binds London together, creating a focal point around… Continue Reading →

London’s alternative dining experiences

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Most first-time visitors to the UK are excited to try out some of the excellent traditional British food on offer in London. Yorkshire puddings, English Breakfasts and Fish & Chips are always at the top of the priority list, and… Continue Reading →

Our top 5 magical Christmas Markets in London

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People around the world have long been envious of the fantastic tradition of Germany’s Christmas markets. Snuggling around a warm lantern with a group of close friends, drinking mulled wine and eating Christmas pastries after a bit of shopping –… Continue Reading →

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