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5 of London’s best Whiskey Bars

Show me the way to the next whiskey bar. The cool of the glass, the bottles backlit against the bar, the titillating conversation – there’s no scene more perfect for a quiet drink on a summer evening.

If you enjoy a great whiskey or just fancy a new experience, London’s Nightlife has you covered with some of the best whiskey specialists in the UK. Explore the world’s finest samples, from the Scottish Highlands to Osaka, Japan.


Why not start with the oldest whiskey bar in London? Milroy’s of Soho was founded in 1964 and has over 250 whiskies available. Stop for a dram at their specialised whiskey-tasting mini-bar before heading for the downstairs cocktail bar.

Milroy’s places its focus on Scotch but can open you up to unique flavours from South Africa, Sweden, and Australia, too. If you’re looking for a place with pedigree, charm, and a passion for the product, Milroy’s is for you.

Pitt Cue

This tiny corner shop off Carnaby Street is renowned for its stunning pulled pork meats. But the food isn’t why we’re here. The bar is why we’re here. Pitt Cue delivers in that area with a sensational selection of hand-picked bourbons and ryes.

Their signature barrel is a personally chosen Eagle Rare 10, which comes highly recommended. Everything on the shelf has a splash of underdog spirit.

The Gallery

This homely West Hampstead hangout is unique for offering an open record player to punters. Bring your favourite vinyl album, settle in, and choose from a selection of their 101 hand-picked whiskies.

The menu has a great range in terms of both location and price, including lowland, highland, island whiskies, and Irish blends. You’ll even find a few Nikkas on the list at The Gallery.

Waxy O’Connors

Waxy’s is one of my personal favourite spots in central London. Stepping into this winding burrow of wood staircases and candelabras is like arriving on the set of a Harry Potter movie. It’s loud, charming, and sports a nice range of whiskies.

It’s also quintessentially Irish. Expect a fun atmosphere and some reasonably priced samples. It’s not the place for a quiet tasting session, but if you like a shot of laughter with your whiskey, check out Waxy’s.

The Luggage Room

Whiskey is as much about style as it is about taste. A fine suit, low lighting, and a Gatsby-esque art deco interior – that’s what the Luggage Room is all about. The drinks capture the vibe perfectly with a range of 1920s cocktails and highballs. Amongst them, you’ll find a small range of great whiskies that cover the four corners of the globe. Get your jazz shoes on and sidle up to the bar.

So there you have it. Jump in a cab and get ready for some scintillating, oak-aged flavours. Remember, there are only two things you can add to whiskey to bring out the flavour: a drop of water or more whiskey.

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