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7 of the best things to do in Brixton

In our opinion, Brixton is among the most fascinating districts in South London. It’s one of the most multicultural regions in the Capital. It’s also home to one of London’s oldest Afro-Caribbean communities, the Windrush Generation.

Art, music and shopping are some of Brixton’s main draws today. But there’s plenty of history, architecture and open spaces, too.

Spend a lifetime in Brixton, and you’ll never run out of things to see and do. If you’re short on time, make sure you don’t miss these top sites.

Electric Avenue

Wanna rock down to Electric Avenue? The very street this famous song is based on is here, in Brixton. It was the first street in the area to be illuminated by electric lights, hence its name. With over 130 independent traders from across the world, Electric Avenue is one of the best places to experience London’s cultural diversity. Fresh food, antiques, vinyl, art, handmade cookware – it’s all available on Electric Avenue.

Brixton Murals

If you’re familiar with the song Electric Avenue, you probably know it relates to the riots that took place in 1982. In response to the riots, the Lambeth Council commissioned several local artists to create huge murals, giving Brixton a much-needed voice. Most of the murals are restored every few years or so. You can find them on Google Maps.

Pop Box

Built as a protest against the proliferation of ‘big brands’ on London’s high streets, this vibrant foodie hotspot is built entirely from upcycled shipping containers and features an eclectic jumble of street food stalls, microbreweries and restaurants. Knowing that you’re helping support local businesses by eating or drinking here makes everything taste much more satisfying.

Brockwell Park

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or want to travel back in time, Brockwell Park has you covered. It’s one of the best-preserved Victorian parks in the City, and it offers splendid views of London’s skyline.

Brockwell Park is about more than just looks. Facilities include children’s playgrounds, duck ponds, cafes, sporting activities and a miniature railway. It’s the perfect Brixton day out for budget travellers.

Brixton Academy

Brixton Academy occupies an iconic building that dates to the 1920s. Though it’s been heavily renovated over the years, it retains neo-renaissance features like the Corinthian columns and a proscenium arch. But beauty isn’t the main draw of this world-famous venue. This is where some of the globe’s biggest names in music come to rock and roll.

The Sex Pistols, White Stripes, Clash and Bob Dylan have all entertained crowds of thousands at Brixton Academy. Keep your eyes peeled for shows while you’re in the City. There’s always something going on.

Windrush Square

History is hidden in every borough of London, and Brixton is no exception. Windrush Square takes its name from the ship (HMT Empire Windrush) that brought Afro-Caribbean immigrants to the City in the late 1940s. Must-visit landmarks around the square include the Black Cultural Archives and the Brixton Tate Library.

Ritzy Cinema

Ritzy Cinema opened in 1911 and is one of England’s oldest commercial cinemas. Only a handful of cinemas predate the ‘Electric Pavilion’ in the nation. In 2009, the Ritzy underwent a facelift that ironically made it look older. The idea was to restore the cinema to its original style, making it an iconic landmark for history buffs and cinephiles. 

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