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10 Reasons to include Stonehenge on your bucket list

Nestled amidst the picturesque Wiltshire countryside in southern England, Stonehenge is one of the world’s most enigmatic and iconic ancient monuments. Only a 2-hour drive from London, our dedicated Stonehenge Tours allow you to discover this prehistoric stone circle.

Having been captivating people’s imagination for centuries, today, it still draws visitors from all corners of the globe. The theory supports that Stonehenge stones – which came from 150 miles away – have something to do with glacier movement and astronomy. Who carried them here still remains a mystery, but some link it to the King Arthur story, amongst other theories and legends.

In this blog, we explore ten compelling reasons to consider visiting Stonehenge on your next trip to Britain, along with interesting facts about Stonehenge.

Reasons to visit Stonehenge

Ancient Mystery

Built over 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge remains mysterious in its true purpose and origins, adding to its allure. After all, this Neolithic and Bronze Age monument is older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt! Visiting Stonehenge allows you to step back in time and ponder the secrets hidden within its massive stones.

Archaeological Wonder

For history and archaeology enthusiasts, Stonehenge is a treasure trove of discovery. Ongoing research continually uncovers new insights about the monument’s construction, purpose, and the people who built it. Visiting the site will allow you to witness the evolving understanding of our ancient past.

Unique Stone Arrangement

The arrangement of massive standing stones in concentric circles and horseshoes is unlike anything else in the world. The precision with which these stones were erected without modern machinery is awe-inspiring. The sight of these colossal monoliths will leave you in wonderment.

Astronomical Significance

Stonehenge’s alignment with celestial events, such as the summer and winter solstices, suggests an astronomical purpose. During these times, special events are held at Stonehenge, allowing guests to witness the sun rising or setting in perfect alignment with the stones. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stonehenge holds the prestigious designation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognising its global significance. As a visitor, you’ll be able to explore this protected area while appreciating the efforts to preserve and study this ancient marvel.

Visitor Centre and Exhibition

To enhance your experience, head to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, where you can delve into the monument’s history through interactive displays, 360-degree videos, and informative exhibits. It’s an educational experience that complements your visit to the stones themselves.

Immersive Visitor Experience

In recent years, the visitor experience at Stonehenge has significantly improved. The construction of a new visitor centre and the closing of the old visitor road have allowed visitors to approach the monument on foot, creating a more immersive and atmospheric visit. Something that will make your visit to the site even more special!

Spiritual and Mystical Vibes

Stonehenge is often considered a place of spiritual significance for those seeking a deeper connection with the past or a touch of mysticism. Many believe the site exudes a unique energy; some even perform rituals and ceremonies here, especially during solstices.

Scenic Surroundings

The Stonehenge landscape is stunning in its own right. The rolling green hills of Wiltshire provide a beautiful backdrop to the monument, making it an ideal spot for photography and relaxation. You’ll feel curious while walking on the surface beside the stones and rings. 

Accessible Location

Located just a short drive from the historic city of Salisbury, Stonehenge is easily accessible for travellers. It’s also a convenient stop for those exploring the nearby attractions, such as Avebury Stone Circle, Old Sarum, and the mysterious crop circles that occasionally appear in the area. Read our Stonehenge travel guide before booking your coach tour.

Fascinating Stonehenge facts

  • It has a UNESCO World Heritage site status.
  • In 1915, Cecil Chubb went to an auction and bought Stonehenge for 6,600 pounds.
  • An ancient burial place was uncovered with skeletons and bones under the surface.
  • Roman art stones and patterns were also spotted here.
  • The monument is made of sarsen stone and blue stones of Wales.
  • The circle counts a total of 56 pits.
  • There is no written proof of Stonehenge stones.
  • Sunset and sunrise are the best times to visit Stonehenge.


Whether you are a history buff, an archaeology enthusiast, a spiritual seeker, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the past, Stonehenge has something to offer everyone.

Visiting this iconic monument is not just a journey through time but also an experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for our shared human heritage.

So, when you plan your next trip to the UK, make sure to include a visit to Stonehenge on your itinerary, and prepare to be awed by the magnificence of this ancient wonder.