Harry Potter Tours

What to expect at the Harry Potter Studio Tour London

The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London is a magical experience for anyone, whether you’re a potty about Harry Potter or have never seen any of the movies or read the books before.

What makes the studio tour so special is its interactivity and emphasis on providing an immersive experience. From the minute they walk through the doors of the Great Hall, visitors feel like they are stepping into the wizarding world of the movies.

But what should you expect at the Harry Potter Studio Tour? Here’s our list of some of the main things you can expect to see and experience.

It’s NOT in London

The first (and most important) thing to note is that the studio is not located in London. It is, in fact, located about an hour outside the city centre in Leavesden, Hertfordshire.

It’s definitely not a tour… or a theme park

The word ‘tour’ implies a rigid, inflexible and time-limited experience. Not only is there no limit on your time at the studio, but the ‘tour’ itself is actually more of an immersive experience; visitors can step onto the sets from the movies, sample food and drink, learn how the movies were made and even fly a broomstick (kind of).

There are special exhibitions

The studio holds a number of special exhibitions throughout the year. Some are seasonal (Dark Arts, Hogwarts in the Snow), whilst others are year-round attractions such as The Forbidden Forest, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and Platform 9 3/4 to name a few.

Experience the movie magic

The tour is very much experience-led and incredibly interactive. Visitors can ‘fly’ a broomstick in front of a green screen like a member of the cast and take part in plenty of free activities such as testing combat moves against Death Eaters.

Learn how the movies were made

Learn how battle scenes were choreographed, how filmmakers brought the books’ iconic creatures to life, how the awe-inspiring sets were created and much more.

Come face-to-face with movie monsters

In the Creature Effects Studio, you’ll visit the real-life Basilisk, heroic Buckbeak, and the terrifying Aragog.

Shop ’til you drop

There are plenty of shops at the studio offering everything from collectable items to replica wands, home accessories, clothing and much more.

Sample a wizard’s food and drink

Drink a wizard’s tipple of choice, Butterbeer, and sample the very best (and worst) of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans 

Thinking of visiting? Our Harry Potter Studio tour is the perfect way to get to the studio. Departing from Central London, our ticket prices include entrance and transport to and from the studio aboard a luxury coach with free Wi-Fi and USB charging at every seat.