To travel is to learn; it is to support the people we meet along the way. And that is precisely what MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences do.

What they are: MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences are conscious travel experiences chosen with great care based on the positive social or environmental impact they have both on their communities, and on those who experience them: you. Identify these experiences across our trips by locating the MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experience seal. How they’re chosen: There’s no guesswork here. We use a proprietary e-assessment tool, endorsed by industry experts and developed exclusively for us, to measure experiences against a robust set of criteria in order to be a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experience.

Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Using this set of criteria, we identify exactly how each experience advances at least one UN Global Goal while accounting for the enriching educational component on behalf of the traveller.

Evan Evans Diversity, DEI journey started many years ago, and in 2021 we launched our DEI Strategy and formalized specific and actionable goals across three core business functions: People and Culture, Travel Experiences, and Marketing and Communications. Learn more at:



TreadRight is a not-for-profit founded by Evan Evans and our sister brands under The Travel Corporation, to support sustainable tourism projects around the world. Through TreadRight, Evan Evans has helped fund more than 60 projects worldwide. Learn about our project partners at