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Foods you simply HAVE to try in a tour to Paris

When it comes to food, everyone has a different palette. We can (and often do!) argue over which country has the best food in the world until we’re blue in the face. However, in every discussion I’ve ever had over food, France is always in the mix.

Rich flavours, quality ingredients, time-honoured recipes, and presentation to die for – French cuisine is considered one of the pinnacles of quality cooking, baking, and dessert making the world over. With a reputation for deceptively complex dishes and a vast array of outside-the-box menu items, the quality of the food in Paris cannot be overstated.

Try a couple of these dishes and you’ll never look at food the same way again. Foods you simply HAVE to try in a tour to Paris

Escargots Gratine

When we talk about out-of-the-box menu items, cooked snails have to be at the top of the list. And whilst the prospect of either might be enough to turn some people’s stomachs, the palatability of a beautifully-cooked and well-seasoned plate of escargot will surprise you. The Escargots Gratine is served with a covering of garlic and cheese which perfectly complements the dark, rich flavours of the escargot. Those willing to put their preconceptions aside will be treated to a wonderfully moreish and satisfying dish.


Cheese. It might just be the very best thing in the world. And French cheese is some of the best cheese in the world. Since Raclette is little more than French cheese slathered over potatoes, salami and vegetables, that makes Raclette basically the very best thing in the world. Mankind’s greatest achievement. Seriously, you can’t leave Paris without trying it.

Duck confit

This Gascony speciality dish is something you’re likely to find in pretty much any restaurant across France. It’s a standard menu item, but I guess the standards in France are just that much higher than everywhere else. The duck is carefully seasoned with salt and garlic before being slow cooked for ten hours in its own fat. The result is a beautifully tender, aromatic meat that serves as a first-class example of French cuisine.

Steak Tartare

A beautifully cooked steak is something to die for. However, the true flavour of a steak doesn’t present itself unless you eat it raw. Whilst raw meat might be challenging for some tastes, steak tartare will open up a whole new world of flavours to the adventurous eater. The fresh, mellow flavours of the meat are perfectly complemented by a tinge of zest from the capers, making for a complex and powerful culinary experience. Give it a go.


In the UK, you’re likely to see Moules Mariniere served in classy city restaurants to add a little refinement to their menu. In France, it’s served out the back of a van, fresh from the ocean, and with a chunk of home-baked bread to mop up the beautiful sauces. The French simply let the flavours speak for themselves. Wildly simple, delightfully rustic, and overflowing with flavour – you’ve simply got to try real French mussels.



Given the French’s love of meat, maintaining a vegetarian diet in France can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, this age-old rural vegetable dish saves the day in superb fashion. Ratatouille is extremely easy to cook well and incredibly difficult to perfect, making it a favourite for artisan chefs throughout the country. Explore the complex flavours of this deliciously warming and ultra healthy dish.

That’s my list of foods you simply have to try in Paris. Don’t forget you can reach Paris in only a couple of hours from London with our Paris day trips.