5 easy cities to travel to from London

London definitely takes some time to explore. With quirky neighbourhoods and phenomenal sites, it’s worth spending a week at least here to explore the best of everything the capital has to offer.

However, many visitors travel hundreds of miles to come to London. For those that live far away, a London trip might be a rare chance to explore Europe and the UK. If you feel like a journey to the UK might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, you’ll want to get the most out of it.

Fortunately, London has some of the best transport links in Europe. Whether you want to see some of the best cities in the UK or visit even further afield, London’s network of trains gives you some easy, exciting options to choose from.

Let’s take a look at our five favourite cities to travel to from London.


Oxford city

For those looking to get a taste of quintessential English culture, Oxford is the city to visit. Pick up a train from Paddington station on the East side of the city, and you can be there in under an hour.

This beautiful city is the perfect destination for a day trip, offering visitors the chance to explore its stunning church’s medieval architecture. You can even go punting on the canals.


york minster outside front view

Often overlooked by tourists, York is a lovely walled city with some of the best-kept secrets in the UK, including its majestic cathedral and cobbled streets. It’s also a great place to slow down a little and explore some of the UK’s quirky pubs and restaurants.

Around Christmas time, York becomes a wonderland of snow and fairy lights – the perfect time to see the city at its best. Take a northbound train from King’s Cross and arrive in just over two hours.


Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, Paris is as easy to visit from London as anywhere else in the UK. We probably don’t need to hype the city of love for you too much – its beauty and style are already world-famous.

Just know that you can hop the Eurostar from St Pancras and be there in two and a half hours. If you’d like a cost-effective way to see the best of Paris, take a look at our wonderful Paris tours.


close-up of exterior of the selfridges building in birmingham uk

Visitors to Birmingham are often surprised at just how lovely the city is. Famous for its fantastic ethnic cuisine, it’s a bustling, modern city filled with trees and green space. It’s also incredibly cheap and easy to get to from the capital. Take the train from Euston for as little as five pounds!


edinburgh city aerial view

Edinburgh is a bit of a slog at four and a half hours on the train. However, the trip is more than worth it. The beauty of Edinburgh was the inspiration behind the design for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and it’s clear why.

It’s a city of elegant medieval and Georgian architecture set on multiple levels around its mighty central castle. If you don’t fancy the train journey, check out flights from Gatwick, Luton or Stansted. They can get you there in just over an hour.

To explore some great options for visiting cities outside of London, take a look at our Day Trips from London and Rail Tours from London pages. You’ll find exciting tours all around the UK and beyond, including Windsor, Bath, Cambridge, and Chester.