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The UK has something for everyone; rugged coastlines, beautiful countryside, historical sites and vibrant cities and towns. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to visit on your trip to the UK, look no further.

Strange Stonehenge Theories

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Around 5,000 years ago, ancient people began construction on the world’s most famous Neolithic monument. Stonehenge, as it would come to be known, has been a mystery ever since. Whoever built it left no written record and few clues behind… Continue Reading →

Why was Stonehenge built?

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What was Stonehenge used for? Stonehenge is the world’s most famous Neolithic monument, located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. Although we increasingly understand a great deal about who built Stonehenge and how they did it, we know very… Continue Reading →

How to get to Stonehenge from London

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Located on the wind-swept Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK; each year more than1.3 million people visit this ancient, mysterious site. However, the site itself… Continue Reading →

10 of the UK’s prettiest villages

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British culture is famous around the world. With iconic TV shows like Poldark, the Tudors and Downton Abbey showing off Britain’s best cultural aspects to international audiences, more and more visitors are coming to the UK to experience traditional heritage…. Continue Reading →

Explore Britain’s Top 6 Destinations

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Here at Evan Evans, we’re extremely proud to be part of the effort to bring more visitors to the top destinations in Britain. The British Isles have some of the most unique locations in the world, spanning thousands of years… Continue Reading →

Britain’s 5 best-loved UNESCO world heritage sites

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation – or UNESCO as most people know it – is dedicated to protecting the world’s cultural heritage to foster education and peace in all corners of the globe. That’s quite a mission… Continue Reading →

Top 7 Things to Do in Windsor

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Windsor is a must-see destination for a huge proportion of first-time visitors to the UK. As the seat of the Royal Residence and one of the country’s most beautiful market towns, Windsor attracts over 7.6 million tourists every year. It’s… Continue Reading →

5 Easy Cities to Travel to from London

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London definitely takes some time to explore. With all its quirky neighborhoods and phenomenal sites, it’s worth spending a week at least here to explore the best of everything the capital has to offer. However, many visitors to London travel… Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Places For Rock Climbing In The UK

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Wherever there’s a rock, there’s climbing – the true climber’s adage. And there’s definitely a lot of rocks in the UK. From the beautiful limestone and sandstones of the south coast to the complex igneous formations of Scotland, the UK… Continue Reading →

10 Unmissable Experiences from Across the UK

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Here’s a post we’ve thought long and hard about. After years creating tours for visitors at Evan Evans, we’ve come to realise that there are some experiences that you simply can’t miss out on if you’re visiting the UK. You… Continue Reading →

6 Extraordinary Sacred Sites in the UK

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Religion has played an enormous role in shaping the cultural history of the UK. It has left its mark, not just on the hearts and minds of the peoples of Britain, but on the landscapes and cityscapes that we inhabit…. Continue Reading →

Your guide to the beautiful Cotswolds

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Let’s guide you through some of the regions best attractions.Your guide to the beautiful Cotswolds

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