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The UK’s most fascinating Roman sites

The more you learn about the Romans and what they achieved, the more you come to know them as the foundation for our modern world. Without them, there would be no cathedrals, newspapers, sewers, or sanitation—they brought infrastructure to the UK in a way that changed the course of our history.

Signs of the Roman occupation remain all across the UK. From Bath’s legendary spas to amphitheatres, city walls, and even roads, we can explore their legacy and rediscover the foundations of civilisation in Europe. This week, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most interesting sites of Roman origin all around the UK.

Hadrian’s Wall

Arguably the most well-known of all Roman landmarks, Hadrian’s Wall is a defensive barrier built in 122 AD to restrict movement between what is now England and the Scottish Highlands. Far from being a simple wall, the structure became a centrepiece of Roman political life on the northern border.

Excavations here have unveiled fascinating insight into the people who lived there nearly 2000 years ago. To explore the wall that inspired Game of Thrones, a trip to Carlisle will put you in the best position to immerse yourself in antiquity’s findings.

Bath Spa

The volcanic spas in Bath have been a focal point of British culture for thousands of years. However, the Romans established the site as one of the most important landmarks in Europe.

As a site of leisure and worship, Aquae Sulis, as it was then known, reveals new secrets about ancient life every year. Visitors can see shrines to the god Sulis Minerva, the famous ‘curse tablets’, and even Roman games and tools that were buried thousands of years ago.

Roman Amphitheatre and Walls, Chester

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The Amphitheatre at Chester is one of many little-known Roman wonders in the UK. This remarkable site was used as a gladiatorial arena and stage for all sorts of public exhibitions for hundreds of years.

You can explore the amphitheatre for free and learn how the site became a cultural focal point for miles around. Once you’re done, take a walk around Chester’s stunning city walls and beautiful Georgian streets – it’s a quintessentially English town.


If you’re strapped for time on your trip and unable to leave the capital, worry not. London itself was built on a foundation of Roman origin, and the ancient settlement of Londinium has become what we know as ‘the city’ today.

The city walls are still standing, and you can take a fascinating historical walk around them whilst taking in some of London’s best sights. Don’t miss out on the Roman house at Billingsgate and the London Mithraeum.

Wroxeter Roman City

Ever wondered what it must have been like to have your very own Roman Villa? Explore Wroxeter Roman City, and you’ll have a pretty clear idea. This astonishing site has ruins of villas, forums, marketplaces, and baths dating back thousands of years. It’s the best place in the UK to get a look at the life of the common Roman.

If you’d like to explore some incredible historical attractions throughout the UK, take a look at our fantastic range of London tours and day tours from the capital. Don’t miss out on the ancient wonder of Stonehenge, either. It’s one of the most unbelievable historical sites you’ll ever see.