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Evan Evan’s Bridgerton Film Locations Walking Tour of Bath

Dearest Readers,

The ton are abuzz with the latest gossip, and so it is my honor to impart to you: Evan Evans are to conduct a Bridgerton Walking Tour.

Dear reader, if there is a scandal, I shall uncover it and we are about to uncover together the filming locations where the illustrious series was shot in Bath. It should be noted that the tour is expected to be scandalous and quite shocking, yet most delightful indeed so here is the trailer to whet your appetite:

Abbey Green

With its authentic Regency look a lot of filming took place in Abbey Green

This is where the dress shop Modiste is located

And this is also the area that you see by night in Episode 5, when Will picks up drunk Simon from outside a bar, when Simon Basset has had a bit too much to drink.

Bath Street

With its cobblestones and striking line of colonnades down each side, Bath Street appears in the first trailer for the show and is used for several street scenes.

This also happens to be the street that Simon rides through when we see him for the first time.

Beauford Square

Beauford Square was used for more street filming and this is where we see Anthony and Benedict ride across a beautiful row of dark-doored houses near the end of Episode 4.

We also see Eloise and Penelope stroll through here during their conversation about what is going on with Marina in Episode 2.

Trim Street

The exterior and interior of Gunther’s Tea shop on Trim Street feature in the series and were filmed on Trim Street.

While Lady Dee’s is next door to Gunther’s you can also see a regular (non-hat specific) clothing boutique.

Royal Crescent

One of Bath’s most renowned landmarks makes for an impressive backdrop for filming, and you can see the backdrop numerous times in the series.

No. 1 Royal Crescent was used for the home of the Featherington family. For the set, they added some ornamental lions, some decorative greenery, and even fancied up the windows.

In real life, it is a museum that has been decorated and furnished just as it might have been in the late 1700s.

Bath Assembly Rooms Ball & Tea Rooms

The Bath Assembly Tea Rooms, with a high ceiling and gallery, is where the very first ball of the series takes place and where Daphne and Simon first meet.

Pulteney Bridge

Footage of nearby Great Pulteney and Bath Street is used to add to the effect of Lady Danbury’s House and, although not strictly Bridgerton related, the 2012’s multi-award-winning musical film Les Misérables shot scenes in Bath, with Pulteney Bridge and Weir standing in for nineteenth-century Paris. The epic historical film used the bridge as the location where Javert, played by Russell Crowe, takes his own life in a dramatic, plot-impinging scene.


The picture-perfect mint green walls of the ball taking place at the end of Episode 2 is in the Guildhall. This is the ball where Simon declares that he “will not tolerate a bully” and Daphne declares back that she “will not have this go wrong”.

Holbourne Museum

The Holburne Museum (the city’s first public art gallery) stands in as the facade of Lady Danbury’s beautiful house. Like all homes in the show, Lady Danbury’s beautiful property is a combination of various places including the Holburne Museum in Bath, Wilton House in Wiltshire, Badminton House in Gloucestershire, and even the Bath Assembly Rooms. We see the façade of the Holbourne Museum for the first time as Lady Danbury exits her carriage while reading Lady Whistledown’s gossip of the day and when Simon arrives back in town and meets up with Lady Danbury to discuss if he will be heading to the season’s opening ball that evening.

The museum is located here

This author does hope that you enjoyed our soiree around Bath. I also find myself compelled to share the most wonderful news: Bridgerton shall officially return for a second season. So, gentle reader, I do hope that you will visit Evan Evans again once series two has aired so that we can uncover some more filming locations together. If anyone shall reveal the locations of this filming, it is I.

Yours Truly,

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