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A Night at London Museums

If you’ve ever watched this classic kids’ movie and wondered what it might be like to explore a museum after dark, you’re in luck. This week, we’re going to introduce you to your own late-night museum adventures with Lates at the London Museums.

These fantastic events let you explore some of London’s best museums after-hours with exhibitions, activities, movies and sleepovers for kids and adults alike. There will be dinosaurs, knights in armour, ancient Egyptian artefacts and historical costumes all brought to life by the enchanting nighttime atmosphere. Just don’t expect them to actually move!

Let’s explore some of London’s fantastic night-time events.

The Natural History Museum

During the daytime, the Natural History Museum is famed for its grand beauty and incredible animal exhibits from around the world. At night, however, the building takes on an awe-inspiring atmosphere with fantastic lighting and events.

Go behind the scenes and explore some of the NHM’s unseen exhibits, including their zoology spirit collection. You’ll get to meet Archie – an 8.26m-long giant squid and one of the Museum’s most reclusive residents.

You can also dance the night away at the Museum’s silent disco. With a full bar and three DJs playing simultaneously, this rare event is held in the Museum’s stunning Hintze Hall under the watchful eye of Hope the Blue Whale. It’s a party you won’t forget in a hurry!

British Museum

With its spectacular historical exhibits from around the world, including fascinating Egyptian artefacts, reliefs from ancient Assyria, Easter Island figures and samurai armour, the British Museum is one of the most inspiring places to visit in the capital. It’s also one of the best places if you’re looking for that real night at the museum feel.

The Museum’s fantastic Sleepover events let you camp down for the night amongst these spectacular exhibits. Children from 8 to 15 can enjoy storytelling sessions, music and dance workshops, re-enactments and craft activities whilst learning about the museum collections.

On the 15th and 16th of December this year, an extra-special sleepover event will let your little ones explore the meaning of Christmas throughout the ages. From the festival’s Pagan roots all the way through to Victorian celebrations, they’ll learn exactly what makes this day so special.

Science Museum

Explore the technological history of our modern world at the wonderful Science Museum. From astronomy to chemistry to the world wide web, the SM takes you on a journey through a world of discovery and invention. It also has some of the most exciting dates in the city. But remember, they’re just for adults!

SM’s Hidden Gems evening lets you take a look at some of the museum’s most fascinating and overlooked objects. If you head over on their Can Touch This night, you’ll even get the chance to handle some of the fascinating historical items that the Science Museum has kept safe throughout the decades.

For those who prefer to do their partying in a slightly more sci-fi setting, the Science Museum also hosts its own silent disco nights. Don’t miss out on their fantastic movie viewings too.

Victoria & Albert Museum

The Victoria & Albert is London’s design museum and houses some of the most beautiful objects in the city, from Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks to wedding dresses from 1850. Lose yourself in some of the best artistry and craftsmanship.

Lates at the V&A are free and run on the last Friday of every month. They usually have an interesting and contemporary theme, such as this SNAP event. Learn how digital photography has changed our world and join i-D in an exploration of the ways we preserve moments forever.

If you love the idea of visiting fantastic attractions like these at night, take a look at our list of top attractions and see if any of them appeal to you. You’re bound to find something you can’t wait to visit.