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How to have an incredible New Year’s Eve in London

New Year’s Eve is a tricky one. We’ve been waiting all year for what is supposed to be the biggest party for 365 days. However, whenever it gets here it always seems like it’s caught us on the back foot. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right and have a big blow out, but there’s just so many options and everyone seems to want to do something different. No matter what you do, you’re left with the feeling that there could have been something better right around the corner.

Well, worry not! Between all of us party animals here in the Evan Evans office we’ve experienced just about every New Year’s Eve activity under the sun – or, at the very least, Big Ben. The formula for the perfect New Year in London really is simplicity itself. You just need a great venue, a few close friends, and lashings of something bubbly applied liberally.

We’ve drawn up this (deliberately) short list of activities for your perfect 31st. Everyone has a different budget, so we’ve included some alternatives to make sure everyone has a great option for their night. Take a look at our guide on how to have an incredible New Year’s Eve in London.

The Golden Rule

No matter what you decide to do, do not forget the golden rule: always book in advance. New Year’s Eve can be extremely busy in London so you’re guaranteed to miss out if you don’t plan ahead. If you can’t book for your event, make sure to check the details before you turn up, and get there early to avoid queues. You know how much us Brits love to queue!

Dinner and Champagne on the Thames (or a bite in Shoreditch Box park)

If you’re looking for a classy evening then there’s no better way to see the city than from the comfort of one of our Thames cruises. Float down the river, champagne in hand, and see the city in all it’s New Year’s glory.

For those who prefer a simpler but no less tasty dining experience for New Year’s, grab something fast and fresh at Shoreditch Boxpark. The atmosphere will be buzzing on New Year’s Eve and you can head straight for a trendy, hipster dance venue straight after. Cargo is a great choice.

Jazz at Ronnie Scott’s (or Blues at Ain’t Nothin’ But)

When I think of New Year’s Eve my first image is of Jools Holland’s New Year’s Hootenanny. Most of us won’t get an invite for that, so the next best thing is seeing a live Jazz performance at Ronnie Scott’s – one of the world’s leading small music venues. Tickets often sell out well in advance, though, so if you missed out this year you can always bear witness to a fantastic, frenzied performance at Ain’t Nothin’ But The Blues in Soho.

Dancing in Chelsea (or Brixton)

If you like to get your glad rags on and hang with the ‘in crowd’ then head for the dance floor in one of Chelsea’s exclusive clubs. Raffles, Beaufort House, Embargo Republica, and Juju are all beautiful, if expensive, choices. For something a little more down and dirty Brixton’s Prince of Wales and Jamm are epic choices.

See fireworks from the London Eye (or Primrose Hill)

New Year’s wouldn’t be New Year’s without fireworks. London has one of the most impressive displays in the world, and finding the perfect spot to see them should be your number one priority. The perfect place, of course, is the London Eye, which is full to bursting at midnight. Tickets can be difficult to get, so if you didn’t manage it this year we recommend a quieter, but no less spectacular viewing spot. Primrose Hill will give you the perfect view of the city in a more homey atmosphere. Don’t forget to wear something warm though!

That’s our recommendations for the perfect party this year. Whatever you chose to do, make sure you’re seeing in the New Year with your loved ones. You should always start the year as you mean to go on.