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The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys

Railways are so much more than tools to help us get to work and back. They’re one of the most relaxing, convenient and breathtaking ways to explore a new place. Sit back and soak it all in as you pass through gorgeous landscapes, taking the chance to snap pictures, take naps, and hop on and off occasionally, too.

In the current climate, it’s also much better to reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible and trains are up to 80% more efficient – and friendly for the environment – than cars. So, ditch the hassle of insurance and the stress of traffic and go by train instead. We’ve hand-picked some of the most scenic railway journeys from around the world. All aboard!

Kuranda Rail Tour, Australia 

The Kuranda Sky and Scenic rail work as the ideal way to see Kuranda village and rainforest. See this beautiful rainforest village from the sky-high cable rail before taking a closer look lower down on the railway.

Situated in North Queensland, Kuranda has lots of things to do and see. You’ll cross through Cairns’ beautiful bridges, scenery and tunnels on your journey. When you arrive, make sure to check out the village’s great heritage markets, as well as the famous Butterfly World and Koala Sanctuaries.

Royal Windsor Steam Express, England 

There’s nothing quite like travelling around England by rail. The smell of tea through the train carriages and the sounds of our regional accents just warm the heart.

If you’re planning a visit to the Queen’s home town, it’s only fitting to journey in style – just like her Majesty – by the Mayflower Steam Train. This traditional train from the Victorian era will charm you to bits on its short stroll from Waterloo to the city of Windsor. You’ll pass by many classic British landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

The Jacobite Steam Train, Scotland

Hop aboard the real-life Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter – now in service in Scotland. The Jacobite Steam Train runs between Fort William and Fort Mallaig, passing by the tallest mountain in the UK – Ben Nevis. Harry and his friends got some spectacular views across Scotland and you can too, from the Glenfinnan Viaduct to the Scottish West Coast and more. And to get an extraordinary experience with the wizard decors, join our amazing Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Indian Pacific, Australia 

The fantastic Indian Pacific route is a popular journey amongst Rail and Australia Fans alike.

It travels along from sunny Sydney all the way to picture-perfect Perth. It’s called the Indian Pacific as it travels from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and back. This train line gets constant praise for its excellent and colourful views of the country.

This fantastic route gives you access to some of Australia’s best locations. Why not start in Cairns to visit Great Barrier Reef, head south to Sydney and from there catch the train to Perth.

For more spectacular journeys across the UK by rail, visit our Day Tours by Rail page and explore trips like London to Edinburgh, Loch Ness and the Highlands and more.