What’s on in London, February 2018

February is a cold month in the UK. Nearing the end of the winter, we’re all in need of a little bit of color to help us warm up. Fortunately, there’s a host of fantastic events in February to help chase the winter blues away. From exciting cultural festivals to Valentine’s day, our events this month have a theme of brightness and warmth. What’s on in London, February 2018

Chinese New Year

China Town is an essential piece of the central London landscape. Soho just wouldn’t be Soho without Gerrard Street and it’s beautiful arches and lanterns. On February 18th, China Town will burst into life and color with it’s fantastic Chinese New Year’s celebrations. There will be performances, a parade, oodles of delicious pan-Asian food and even some thrilling martial arts performances. This is a local favourite and bound to have some serious crowds, so make sure you get there early.

Movie Night at the Natural History Museum

It might seem like a strange location for a cinema, but the Natural History Museum has the perfect atmosphere to turn your retro movie night into a really memorable experience. February is sci-fi month, and you’ll be able to watch your favourite genre classics, from Alien to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, under the great blue whale in the famous Hintz Hall. It’s one of the most memorable movie-going experiences you can hope for anywhere.

Pancake Day

Nothing warms you up better than pancake day. If you’re not familiar with this British tradition then you simply must go out on Tuesday 13th February – also known as Shrove Tuesday – to indulge in a some of the slightly bonkers celebrations. There will be the annual Parliamentary Pancake Day Race around Westminster, where you might get to see some familiar faces, as well as a handful of lesser races all over the city. After you’ve watched the racers make fools of themselves you can settle in for some beautiful English-style pancakes. Don’t forget the lemon juice!

Opera: Power, Passion & Politics

Visitors from abroad often make a point of visiting an Opera performance at the Royal Opera House or the Albert Hall. The set design, costumes, and performances are second to none, and shows are always bursting with colour and vibrancy. Tickets can be hard to get hold of, though, so the V&A’s celebration of the history of Opera is a great alternative. Discover how Opera evolved from its origins in Renaissance Italy to a global phenomenon that’s moved millions.

Vault Festival

The Vault Festival is a truly unique experience. Buried deep beneath Waterloo lies an underground network of tunnels formerly used to house London’s subway trains. It is here that the Vault Festival makes its home – splashing the ancient brick walls and ceilings with light and colour. The festival itself is London’s largest arts festival, with a broad range of performances ranging from comedians to films, performing arts, and music. It’s an experience you really have to see to believe, so grab your ticket and take a nose dive down the rabbit hole.

That’s our top five best events for February; we hope they help to chase away the winter blues just in time for spring. If you’re looking for great cultural or heritage activities outside of the Capital check out our enlightening Stonehenge tours.