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The UK’s most haunted locations

Britain has a deep and dark history of war, turbulence, and conflict – so it’s no wonder the country is scattered with hundreds of spooky, spine-tingling, haunted locations.

The ancient architecture, medieval castles, Victorian mansions and haunted houses dotted around our ancient lands are bursting with myth and legend. And of course, we can’t forget the echoed voices of the past creeping around the dark corners of these spooky spots, who have many tales to share with us.

Lots of these eerie dwellings and creepy locations are open for the public to visit. But with restless spirits and ghosts lurking around every corner, the only question is, are you brave enough to visit? Here’s our pick of the most haunted places in Britain.

The Tower of London

The infamous Tower of London is said by some to be the most haunted place in the UK. From 1100 to 1952, the tower was used as a prison for people who were disliked or disloyal to the British Royal Family. Prisoners here were almost always executed, and usually in a horrifically public fashion.

The ghost of Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII who ended up being beheaded, is one of the most prominent and famous hauntings of the eerie tower. People have reported seeing Anne walking around with her head tucked beneath her arm, and others have spotted her hauntingly staring at them through the window of the room in which she was held captive.

There’s also the terrifying ghost of the White Lady at the White Tower, right at the heart of the Tower of London. Visitors have reported glimpses of a figure in white at the corner of their eyes, and a horrible, pungent smell of old, overpowering perfume.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

During the 16th century in Britain, there was a nationwide fear and belief that the public was being contaminated by witches. Often, if a family member fell ill or passed away, the blame would immediately be put on witches.

Pendle Hill is allegedly home to the spirits of not 1, not 2, but 10 witches who were hanged at Lancaster Castle after being accused of murdering 10 people, before being buried on the foreboding hill back in 1612. The witches are said to haunt the buildings and villages that surround the hill, and it’s for this reason that East Lancashire is a huge draw for believers in the supernatural.

In fact, the crew of ‘Most Haunted‘ once broadcast live from the haunted hill, and members of the film crew claimed they felt they were possessed or being strangled by the witches. On top of that, a glass and a table were smashed up live on TV during a seance. Would you be brave enough to visit the spooky home of Lancashire’s most notorious witches?

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

Pomeroy Castle remained in the hands of the Pomeroy family until the 1540s when it was acquired by the Seymours. The family, including one of Henry VIII’s many wives, owned the castle until 1688 when it was abandoned.

The shell of a once stunning castle is all that’s left today. It sits completely empty and often leaves visitors feeling unsettled. Said to be the most haunted castle in Britain, a number of ghostly stories and encounters have been reported – most notably that of the Blue Lady and the White Lady.

The White Lady is said to be the ‘restless soul of Margaret Pomeroy’, who haunts the dungeons at St. Margaret’s Tower. She was held captive in the dungeons by her own family and consequently starved to death. Visitors have claimed Margaret has waved to them or eerily stared at them during their visit.

The Blue Lady is believed to be the ghost of a daughter of a Norman castle lord. Her father strangled her baby in one of the rooms of the castle. Her broken-hearted soul is said to lure visitors into various parts of the castle in the hope of getting them lost. Sounds a little scary to us – will you be paying them a visit?

Plas Mawr, Conwy

Right in the centre of the historic, walled town of Conwy stand Plas Mawr, one of the most magnificent Elizabeth townhouses in the UK. The home of Robert Wynn and his family, the household tragic, spooky tales of the family’s turbulent past.

It’s believed that Robert’s pregnant wife, Dorothy, along with her young son, was waiting for him to return one evening when Dorothy lost her balance on the stairwell, leading to the serious injury of her and her son. The household called the family doctor but a young, unfamiliar man turned up to assist them.

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He was unable to treat the injuries – but the household refused to allow him to leave, locking him in a room with Dorothy and her son. The Wynns died, and in-ear of his life, the doctor fled into the chimney and was never to be seen again. When Robert Wynn returned, he was grief-stricken and heartbroken, vowing to have his revenge on the supposed doctor who took his beloved family away from him.

Robert Wynn, Lady Wynn and the doctor are said to haunt the house to this day. Strange noises, sights and sounds have often been reported, as well as mysterious sightings of misty, black faces in the windows and doors violently swinging open and shut of their own accord. Creepy, right?!

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