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The Best Things to Do in Chelsea and Fulham

This swanky London district – historically the home of London’s rich & famous – is a vibrant, bustling area full of chic cafés, designer boutiques, trendy bars and exclusive restaurants.

Unsurprisingly, Chelsea is one of the most prohibitive areas to live in all of London, with 7 of the 10 most expensive streets in the capital located in Kensington & Chelsea. Properties here can go for an eye-watering £15 million, with average prices of around £2 million.

You may very well not be able to afford to live here, but you don’t have to be a billionaire to visit Chelsea. We’ve provided some fabulous things to do in Chelsea and Fulham that won’t cost you a king’s ransom.

Stroll around Chelsea Physic Garden

Despite being the oldest botanical garden in London, Chelsea Physic Garden is today one of the capital’s best-kept secrets. It dates back to 1673 and houses over 5,000 plant species. If you’re a nature lover or just fancy a leisurely amble away from the crowded streets, we highly recommend a morning stroll around Chelsea Physic Garden.

Go Shopping on King’s Road

We all know that Chelsea is one of London’s more affluent areas, making it no surprise that upscale shops hide around every corner. If you’re hunting for designer goods or a 5-star feast, you need to head to King’s Road.

While you’re window shopping on this famous street that leads straight to Fulham, you might want to read up on your history. King’s Road is a pilgrimage site for those obsessed with 20th-century pop and fashion culture in Britain. It was a hotspot during the mod craze and the punk movement.

Tour Stamford Bridge

Fan of footy? One of the Premier League’s most successful football teams has its stadium in Fulham, and that team happens to be Chelsea (apologies to all Fulham fans). Fulham and Chelsea both have stadiums in Fulham, but Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge is the largest. Go and watch a match to see British competitiveness in all its glory. If you’re more interested in what happens behind the scenes, you can pay for a guided tour.

Visit Fulham Palace

According to archaeologists, the site of Fulham Palace has been inhabited since around 4000 BC. Investigations have uncovered Roman artefacts, Saxon pottery and Europe’s oldest surviving parchment letter at Fulham Palace.

Thanks to a long history of renovations and redesigns, the current building is a combination of Tudor, Georgian and Victorian architectural styles. Interested in learning more about this grand building’s history? Admission and tours are free of charge.

Visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Held annually in Chelsea since 1912, the Chelsea Flower Show is the most famous flower and landscape gardens show in the world. However, this isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill flower show. Thousands of visitors from around the world – even members of the British Royal Family – flock to Chelsea to view dazzling floral displays and sample the menus of world-famous, Michelin-starred chefs.

Take a Peek at the Hurlingham Club

London’s “gentlemen’s clubs” started to emerge around the 17th century, when the upper classes of the Great British Capital needed a place to escape the dirty, crowded streets (and their homes).

Today, these clubs have somewhat modernised– they allow women to become members, for example. But becoming a member of establishments such as The Hurlingham Club is far from simple.

For starters, there’s a waiting list of about 30 years. Essentially, you’ll need to wait for a fair few people to croak it before you can be invited into the fold.

Nevertheless, if you’re in Fulham, it’s worth checking out The Hurlingham Club to sneak a peek at how ‘the other half’ blow off steam. Keep your eyes peeled for sporting events open to the public.

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