It might not be the grandest and it’s definitely not the oldest, but there is something special about Hampton Court Palace that makes it a historical marvel and really sets it apart from the rest. The question is what is it? We have compiled a list of reasons why we think that The Hampton Court Palace 500 year celebration is well worth a visit this summer.


[title] The History [/title]

Hampton Court Palace has a long and interesting history which pre-dates the time of Henry VIII and the Tudors. Explore the halls and corridors of some of England’s most celebrated and also some of its most hated Monarch’s. Some of which are said to still be there.


[title] The Kitchens [/title]

Several of the kitchens at the palace are still operating in the old Tudor fashion, so if you have ever wondered what kind of food was served at the banquets of the kings and queens of old, then you are in for a real treat. If that wasn’t enough though, there is even a kitchen entirely dedicated to chocolate, a must see for anyone with a sweet tooth.


[title] The Gardens [/title]

The Palace gardens are some of the most beautiful that London has to offer and with spring in full swing you can see it at its most beautiful. Have seen the magnificent garden mazes from the movies? Well now you can come and experience one for yourself with the palace’s famous garden maze, will you make it to the centre.


[title] Film locations [/title]

Speaking of movies see if you can spot the places in the palace where some of your favourite movies have been filmed, Pirates of the Caribbean is just one to mention but see what others you can find.


[title] The Architecture [/title]

The red brick fusion of both Tudor and Baroque style architecture is entirely unique to Hampton Court. The way these two historical periods has been blended together is beautiful making the palace a true gem to behold.


[title] The Supernatural [/title]

In the 500 hundred years which Hampton Court has been used as a residence some souls have come and gone and others have stayed. What do we mean you may ask? Well the Palace is supposedly haunted by 2 distinct historical figures. One is speculated to be Lady Jane Grey (the nominal queen of England for just nine days in 1553) and the other is said to be Catherine Howard (the fifth wife of Henry VIII).


[title] The Theatrics [/title]

Since before Shakespeare’s time the palace has seen many a theatrical performance. Now come and witness one for yourself. The members of Hampton Court put on Shows every day to illustrate what life was like in the time of the Tudors for you to enjoy.


The best way to experience all of the amazing attractions which Hampton Court Palace has to offer is on one of our day tours from London like our popular London Panoramic, Hampton Court Palace & Windsor Castle Tour where you can see all of these great historical places in just one day.