7 nerdy things to do in London

We all have an inner geek just waiting to be unleashed. And where better to let your nerdy side run free than London?

The British capital is home to a clutch of must-see attractions, from world-class museums and historical landmarks to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Prefer to take a selfie with Dr Who’s TARDIS than walk around exhibitions? Check out our list of some ultra-nerdy things to do in London.

Harry Potter Platform 9¾

From London, you can easily reach Warner Bros. Studios to view sets featured in the Harry Potter films. Or, you can dive into the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry for free by visiting Kings Cross Station.

Between platforms 9 and 10, you’ll find – you guessed it – Platform 9¾. Sprinting towards the wall won’t transport you to a different universe. But the platform sign and trolley that’s seemingly trapped between two worlds offer the perfect selfie opportunity.

Speedy’s Café

Sherlock Holmes fan? Of course, you are. And that means you shouldn’t miss the chance to grab a cuppa at Speedy’s Café. This venue was featured in the first episode of Sherlock Holmes (the one with Benedict Cumberbatch). It’s also a short distance from our next top nerdy thing to see in the City.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Why just see where Sherlock eats when you can visit his home? Ok, we know Sherlock Holmes is fictional. But his house is very real, and the guided tours are unmissable for any true Sherlock fan. You’ll find your favourite investigator’s abode on 221B Baker Street. Take as many pictures as you like. Just don’t touch anything (most items are from the Victorian era).


Just to be clear; you can’t travel back in time in London (unless you head to the Natural History Museum). But you can take a selfie with Dr Who’s time travel machine, the TARDIS. As all Whovians know, the TARDIS takes the form of an old blue police box. It’s a point of interest for fiction fans and history buffs alike.

You’ll find the TARDIS outside Earl’s Court underground station. Just be aware that queues for photos often form when the Capital is rife with Dr Who fanatics.

The Royal Observatory

While we’re discussing time travel, we ought to give the Royal Observatory a mention. Here, you can find out how the world’s current time zone system was developed. Or, you can head to the observatory to gaze at the Milky Way. Not geeky enough for you? You can learn how to navigate without using a compass at this amazing museum, which you’ll find in Greenwich Park.

Southbank Centre Book Market

Don’t worry bookworms! You’re just as well catered for in London as any other geek. And we reckon the best place to get your fill of books is the Southbank Centre Book Market. Just under Waterloo Bridge, you’ll find new, second-hand and antique books at bargain prices.

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet has to be one of London’s best shops for geeks. Actually, it’s more of a nerd superstore. Here, you’ll find memorabilia from your favourite DC and Marvel comics as well as TV shows such as Rick and Morty. Don’t visit this geeky hotspot first. You need to save at least some cash to see everything else the City has to offer.

To do just that, check out our fantastic range of London tours. You’ll get to experience world-famous heritage sites like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Commons and Buckingham Palace.