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Introducing the Eden Project

We’re extremely proud of the UK’s natural beauty, and we do our best to preserve it. Of all the thousands of conservation projects in the UK, the Eden Project is among the most spectacular.

The enormous biodomes that make up the Eden Project house thousands of plant species, all living in harmony with one another in a natural biome. Aiming to underscore the relationship between humans and plants, the site offers visitors the chance to explore the world of flora and learn how to better protect our natural environment.

In our never-ending search for exciting locations to visit in the UK, the Eden Project has to be one of the most unique sites we’ve explored. Let’s take a closer look.

The Rainforest Biome

Explore the treetop canopy of a living rainforest within the stunning architecture of the Eden biodome. The Rainforest Biome captures the experience of walking through four different rainforests around the globe, from tropical islands to Southeast Asia, West Africa and South America.

You’ll be able to see tropical fruits and nuts growing in the warm atmosphere and marvel at Cocoa plants, Rubber trees, and the brightly plumed birds of the forest.

The Invisible Worlds Exhibition

Did you ever wonder what the world would look like if you were an ant? How about even smaller than that? The Invisible Worlds exhibition allows you to peek into the worlds beyond your senses, exploring everything too big, small, fast, and slow for us to see.

Learn why the world’s smallest insect has to ‘swim’ through the air and how even the smallest creatures on Earth affect our lives every day. Invisible Worlds is a fascinating exhibit for adults and kids alike.

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Wild Cornwall

The man-made spaces inside Eden’s biomes aren’t the only places where the wonders of nature unfurl. The Eden Project is situated in Cornwall – one of the UK’s most beautiful countryside counties – and is perfectly placed to let you breathe in everything the British countryside has to offer.

The Wild Cornwall area has been carefully cultivated to give you a glimpse into the variety of habitats that make up the surrounding natural spaces. It is dotted with lovely artwork from local artists.

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Western Australia Garden

Australia contains some of the world’s most vibrant and breathtaking flowers, including the Red Boronia, the Scarlet Banksia, and the Green Kangaroo Paw. The Eden Project showcases these stunning floral attractions in their full glory in its Western Australia Garden.

Discover how fire plays a critical part in the lifecycle of the Australian landscape and how tenacious plants survive in even the harshest conditions.

The Mediterranean Biome

Travel the fertile lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and take in the sweet aromas of citrus and aloe vera. Discover why Mediterranean climates produce such fantastic fruits and wines, how the world’s finest perfumes are made, and how plants evolve ingenious methods to survive through the blistering summers.

If you can’t afford to sun yourself on a beach in Greece this year, the Eden Project has the next best thing.

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