How to make the Most of Spring in England

As spring arrives in full glory, England is gifted a renewed energy and vibrancy that comes from the milder days and longer sunlight hours. As the countryside flourishes and the cities come into bloom, people embrace the chance to spend time in the outdoors. By following our tips on what to do during spring in England, you too can make the most of your stay at this glorious time of year.

The Great Outdoors

Spring in England
Feel a world away from the city at Stonehenge © iStock / Leonid Andronov

The iconic World Heritage Site of Stonehenge lies within the rugged Wiltshire countryside, amidst rolling hills, green pasture and farmland. And as you walk around the prehistoric stone circle, with the wind blowing across the open fields, it feels as though you’re a world away from the city you set out from earlier that day. With its exposure to the elements, a journey to Stonehenge is made even more memorable during spring when the countryside is at its most verdant.

Alternatively, travel to the patch of English countryside that entices so many visitors from across the world: the exceptionally scenic Cotswolds. Here, the vast expanses of grassland and hills are home to idyllic English villages of traditional thatched houses and historic churches. Travel through this famously picturesque region while the countryside and its villages are in full bloom.

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Urban Outdoor Spaces

Spring in England
Explore London’s landmarks during the spring © iStock / mattbrownuk

Some of London’s greatest tourist attractions can be found en plein air, which means spring is the ideal time to visit. Cutty Sark is one such attraction and, as the world’s only surviving tea clipper, is certainly worth exploring. Step aboard the 19th century ship to see what life would have been like for the sailors on board during their long, arduous journeys across the seas. For a more immersive experience, join one of the regular events in which actors bring the stories to life.

Throughout the year, the Southbank of the River Thames is a hive of activity, with both indoor and outdoor events, including many vibrant attractions by the water. And during spring these occasions take on a renewed lease of life, with special seasonal events and concerts taking place along the river.

Taking to the Water

Spring in England
Take to the river during a visit to London © iStock / anyaivanova

While London’s stretch of the River Thames is just as captivating for its views and waterside attractions in the winter, the milder days and lighter evenings that spring brings make lingering by the river even more enjoyable, and river cruises a greater joy, whether you’re speeding across the water on the Thames Rib Experience or setting out on a romantic dinner cruise.

In Cambridge, the River Cam is one of the warmer months’ greatest attractions, and from springtime the river is at the centre of the city’s activity as people promenade along its scenic banks and punt beneath its historic bridges.

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Spring Events

Spring in England
Take a guided walk through Kew Gardens © iStock / Donald Morgan

Each city’s spring events encourage people to embrace the season, too. One of London’s most celebrated annual events at this time of year is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which takes place over five days in May. Each year, exhibitors create spectacular garden displays as well as showcasing an astounding array of plants and flowers.

Until the end of April, Kew Gardens will be hosting Spring awakening walks for anyone who visits at this time. The tours are led by one of Kew’s expert volunteers, who introduce visitors to the spring flowers and blossoming trees.

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At this optimistic time of renewed energy, set off on a discovery of spring in England. Take your pick from an array of day trips across the country, and city tours that enable you to take in the London’s greatest landmarks.

Header image: Set out into the English countryside during your stay in London © iStock / fotoVoyager