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Top 5 Beatles locations in the UK

We’re extremely proud of our musical heritage in Britain. Our little country has produced some of – if not the – greatest rock and pop bands of all time, from Queen to Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones. None, however, have more forcefully transcended the barriers from national icons to global legends than The Beatles.

Perhaps the first true pop group, the four unlikely lads from Liverpool left behind them a catalogue that would permanently change the course of musical history. And it all happened on British soil.

If you’re a big fan of the Beatles there are a few sites you simply have to visit. Here are the five most important Beatles-related locations in the UK, split between London and Liverpool.

Abbey Road – London

Although this quiet corner of Camden may seem unassuming, it holds massive significance in the Beatles legend. The iconic photograph that adorns the cover of their 11th studio album really was taken on Abbey Road, just a short walk from the famous Abbey Road Studio. To this day, tourists from all over the world flock here to snap their own versions of the famous image.

The Cavern Club – Liverpool

This really is ground zero – the birthplace of the Beatles phenomenon. It was here that the group was first spotted by band manager Brian Epstein who would catapult them into global stardom. At the time, they would appear on stage at the Cavern Club in blue jeans and leather jackets. It was Epstein that transformed the band into the iconic suit-wearing quintuplet we know today.

Penny Lane – Liverpool

Listen closely to the lyrics of Penny Lane and you’ll get a tiny snapshot of English small-town life in the 60s. The banker, the fireman, and the nurse selling poppies are all brought to life in a way that makes us yearn for our own slice of suburban life. Fans of the song will be happy to hear that Penny Lane is a real street in Liverpool, still bustling away with quaint English charm. And yes, there is still a barber shop there too.

Strawberry Fields – Liverpool

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Strawberry Fields of Sgt. Pepper’s iconic song only existed in some LSD-soaked wonderland of John Lennon’s imagination. Far from it. In fact, Strawberry Fields was a children’s home in the suburbs of Liverpool that John would frequent as a child. The dream-like sound of the track stems from Lennon’s own sense of nostalgia and longing for a forgotten time. Liverpool’s City Council is working to reopen the grounds to the public soon, but you can still visit the strawberry-red gates.

Green Street – London

The Beatles had properties and homes all around London. However, what makes Green Street particularly special is that it’s the only address that all four Beatles lived in at the same time. In the autumn of 1963 John, Paul, Ringo, and George all moved into a shared flat at number 57, just next to Hyde Park.

That’s our top 5! You’ll get to visit even more amazing and nostalgic locations on our Liverpool Beatles day tour, or by taking our London Rock Tour to visit the Hard Rock Cafe and many other places that made world-famous music bands.