The days of the British Empire may be over, but its cultural influence can still be seen around the world today. Of course, we’re talking about the cup of tea (or ‘cuppa‘, as we like to say).

The cuppa has become an essential part of daily life in all corners of the globe. But where are the most interesting places to relax with a nice hot milky tea? Here are some of the very best afternoon tea locations in the world.

The Rubens at the Palace Hotel

Nearby the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace, you’ll find the 5-star Palace Hotel, which serves one of the best afternoon teas in the UK. But we don’t just love this luxurious hotel because of its delicious cuppas. While you sip your tea in the lavish Palace Lounge, you can enjoy panoramic views of The Queen’s stables. Pair your tea with a sandwich or freshly made pastry as you watch royal carriages come and go. This really is an afternoon tea experience fit for royalty. Learn more about our Royal Afternoon Tea at the Rubens at the Palace.

Westminster Abbey

Believe it or not, you can quench your thirst with a delicious cuppa inside Westminster Abbey, the very same place where almost all UK monarchs are coronated and buried. A tour of the Abbey and its grounds is an amazing experience. But adding a cup of tea to the tour really is the cherry on top. Join our London in Style Tour, and you can drink a cuppa in the Abbey after spending the day travelling around the Capital.

The Lake District

Before we leave England, which is home to some of the world’s biggest tea drinkers, we need to give the Lake District a mention. Our Lake District with Afternoon Tea & Cruise tour takes you through the stunning countryside vistas and chocolate-box towns. To end the day, we’ll treat you to an afternoon tea on board a Lake Windermere cruise.

Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe

Now, let’s leave the UK and explore some more of the world’s most interesting places to enjoy a spot of tea. In Zimbabwe, you can drink afternoon tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel on the Stanley Terrace. The view over the bridge, falls and gorge is truly stunning. And, if you’re lucky, you might see a zebra casually strolling over the lawn.

The Peninsula Hong Kong, Hong Kong

When Hong Kong was still governed by the British, The Peninsula was a popular hotspot for generals, governors and royal visits. While that might no longer be the case, this hotel remains the epitome of luxury in Hong Kong. Here, you sip tea from eggshell-thin bone china while being surrounded by gilded furnishings, classical columns and carved gargoyles.

Mossman Gorge, Australia

Given the close cultural ties between the UK and the land down under, it comes as no surprise that the cuppa is a staple of daily life in Australia. And one of the best places to enjoy a hot mug in more wild surroundings is in the Mossman Gorge Centre; gateway to the beautiful Daintree rainforest. Enjoy a traditional cream tea before heading off to explore one of the world’s oldest rainforests and walk on the pristine sandy beaches of Cape Tribulation.

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