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10 of the prettiest streets in London

In a city of skyscrapers and UNESCO-protected landmarks, you might assume you can never escape the crowds. But London has much more to see than what’s displayed all over the internet.

Buckingham Palace, Westminster and the Shard are well worth a visit, but so are some of the hidden gems that highlight the peace and serenity that really does exist in our bustling capital.

So, where are these village-like streets that appear to belong on postcard covers? Here’s our rundown of the prettiest streets in London.

Shad Thames

Shad Thames is a cobbled street lined with old warehouses that once stored tea, spices and coffee. But this is no abandoned industrial estate. These Victorian-era warehouses have been transformed into luxury flats, connected by a series of bridges that overhang the narrow lane. Definitely picture-worthy.

Ladbroke Gardens

Want to see how ‘the other half’ lives? Head to Ladbroke Gardens, one of the fanciest streets in the capital. Grand, pure white houses curve with the road. For all its grandeur, this street is certainly one of the prettiest in London. The closest Tube station to Ladbroke Gardens is Ladbroke Grove. You’ll have to climb a semi-steep hill to reach this affluent residential strip, but it’ll be well worth it.

Westbourne Park Road

If you want your photos of London’s prettiest streets to include a bit of colour, walk along Westbourne Park Road. You can reach this street from Ladbroke Gardens within minutes. Despite the close proximity, however, these two beautiful streets look like they belong on different planets. While you’re here, stock up on boutique goods at the nearby Portabello Road Market.

Camden Street

Farm Place is usually free of tourists, making it the ideal place to get a glimpse of residential life in the City. But what we really like about this street is its pub. Adorned with British flags and draped in greenery and colourful floral arrangements, the Churchill Arms Pub is one of our favourite places to stop off for a quick pint in the capital.

Kynance Mews

Kynance Mews is a narrow lane with a cobbled road and a historic entrance archway. Here, the archway and house walls are covered in ivy, giving the street a unique charm. If visiting London during Autumn, we highly recommend visiting Kynance Mews to see the greenery turn into shades of red and yellow.

Wardour Street

Go to Chinatown, and you’ll wonder whether you’re still in London. Western and Eastern cultures and architectural styles beautifully blend in this underrated region of the capital. There are plenty of quaint shops where you can stock up on yummy treats like bubble tea or an ice cream waffle, as well as the city’s best Asian cuisine.

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is one of London’s narrowest streets, which only adds to its charm. Colourful houses and boutique shops give this small lane a unique atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re walking through a quaint village while browsing the items in the decorated storefronts, but Covent Garden is right around the corner.

Chalcot Crescent

Chalcot Crescent is another curved street on our list, though instead of whitewashed buildings that embody wealth, it’s full of colourful terraced houses with flowers hanging over the balconies. This street belongs on your Instagram account.

Warren Mews

Honestly, all the Mews in London are well worth a visit, but Warren Mews is one of the prettiest. Its arched entrance, painted walls, colourful flowerpots and cobbled streets make Warren Mews one of the most postcard-perfect streets in the Capital.

St Luke’s Mews

Despite its charming overgrown facades, pretty pink houses and cobbled road, St Luke’s Mews remains off the radar for most tourists. Though if you’re a fan of Love Actually, you’ve already seen it. One trip to this picturesque street is enough to understand why it is featured on the big screen.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out London’s most impressive architectural achievements, make sure to browse our London tours page. You’ll get fantastic insights delivered by our expert guides and learn the stories behind the city’s most incredible buildings and streets.