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The best West End musicals to make you smile

The West End of London is a melting pot of British history, art, and culture. This magical square mile in the heart of the capital is home to over 40 theatrical venues – each one capable of bringing a big smile to your face.

Is there any other city in the world which could praise itself for such an incredibly diverse and consistent range of theatrical performances as London? Probably not!  Night after night and year after year, The West End comes alive with song and dance, bringing happiness to the 14 million people from around the world who visit every year.

London has played host to some of the most impressive musicals in the world. They leave you feeling upbeat, alive, spellbound and inspired, offering an atmosphere you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Check out our guide to the best West End musicals on in 2018.

The Lion King

Where? – The Lyceum Theatre

Booking until – 29th April 2018

A true West End classic, The Lion King continues to light up London with its glorious colours, enchanting music, and magical storytelling. The timeless musical is a must-see for families – the kids will love the action-packed scenes which come alive with sounds of African animals and classic Disney soundtrack.

Les Miserables

Where? – The Queen’s Theatre

Booking until – October 2018

Everyone’s heard of Les Miserables, the legendary stage sensation. Set in 19th century France, the famous love story tells captivating stories of broken hearts, sacrifices, and passion. It’s been seen by 70 million people around the globe – why don’t you be the next to sing along to ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ at the top of your lungs?

School of Rock

Where? – New London Theatre

Booking until – January 2019

Rock out to the musical story of wannabe rocker Dewey Finn and his tale of impersonating a substitute teacher with a class of unknowingly gifted musicians. If you liked the Blockbuster film, you’ll love this light-hearted rockstar of a musical with music by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Where? – Victoria Palace Theatre

Booking until – December 2018

Having just crossed the pond from Broadway to the West End, Hamilton has been described as ‘faultless’ by The Radio Times. This hip-hop musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton – a man whose pure determination drove him from Carribean outsider to American war hero. It’s had endless 5-star reviews, so be quick with your tickets – they won’t last long!

The Phantom of the Opera

Where? – Her Majesty’s Theatre

Booking until – October 2018

The magical Phantom of the Opera combines beautiful special effects and breathtaking scenery with a tragic love story. The Phantom hides away in a dark existence beneath the majestic Paris Opera House. He’s feared by all… except for his beautiful protégée who can’t resist his powerful love! This classic musical is a must-see and continues to enthrall audiences into its 32nd year.

If you’re planning a visit to London, you can’t miss out on a chance to see one of the capital’s magical musical performances. Music has the ability to intensify a moment and evoke emotions you didn’t know you had, or even just allow you a fun-filled night out singing along to your favourite songs! The West End is an inherent part of British culture, and there’s a show to suit everyone. What are you waiting for?

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