Our top 5 magical Christmas Markets in London

People around the world have long been envious of the fantastic tradition of Germany’s Christmas markets. Snuggling around a warm lantern with a group of close friends, drinking mulled wine and eating Christmas pastries after a bit of shopping – it’s a scene with all the ingredients of a perfect Christmas experience. 

Fortunately, Germany no longer has a monopoly on these beautiful events. Cities worldwide celebrate Christmas in style by running their markets with stalls, food stands, and decorations. London has some of the best you can visit, with each borough giving a unique spin on the tradition.

This week, we wanted to highlight our top 5 favourite London Christmas markets for you to explore. Whether you want to get a few last-minute gifts before the big day or simply need a mulled wine after work, these are your top choices. Check out our top 5 magical Christmas Markets in London.

Winter Wonderland

Which market is the best is a matter of taste. However, if you compare Christmas markets in terms of sheer scale, then Winter Wonderland is the hands-down winner.

Sprawling over most of Hyde Park, this enormous fair comes complete with ice rinks, Ferris wheels, an ice bar and even its circus. It’s perfect for families who need to keep kids occupied, but there may be quieter options if you want a romantic Christmas date.

Greenwich Market

Tasteful, delicate decorations and hand-crafted gifts are the bread and butter of Greenwich’s little market. Compared to Hyde Park’s offering, Greenwich is cosy, intimate and cute, but you’ll still see some sizeable crowds. Don’t forget to try the magical homemade mince pies, too.

Winterville, Clapham

Clapham is a buzzing town and a centrepiece of London’s nightlife. It’s no surprise that the borough decided to create its own alternative to Winter Wonderland. Working with some of the best-known experience brands in London, including Backyard Cinema and Mighty Hoopla, Clapham has created an extravaganza of unique experiences.

How does a Christmas-themed Mexican wrestling show sound? What about a club night in a roller disco? Only in Clapham…

King’s Cross Canopy Market

Sicilian street food, heritage cheeses and hand-drawn artwork – if you’re looking for an ‘up-market’ Christmas experience, King’s Cross is definitely the place for you. It’s as much an art and design festival as it is a Christmas celebration, with some incredible street food and gift offerings thrown in for good measure. Smoked salmon and Kombucha, anyone?

Kingston Christmas Market

We wanted to bring you something a little more traditional for our last pick. Kingston has all the wooden huts, bratwursts and handmade gifts you’d expect from a German market, all snuggled into Kingston’s gorgeous town centre.

It’s quieter than London’s central attractions and offers great shopping opportunities. Follow up your gift buying with a glass of mulled wine and a treat. You deserve it!

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