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How to find accommodation in the UK

From beautiful townhouses to isolated country cottages and seaside beach homes, however, you picture your dream stay in the UK, there’s a plethora of memorable options for you to choose from.

However, every country you’re likely to visit has its own customs and practices when it comes to holiday accommodation. The UK is no different, and you may find a few interesting options here that you hadn’t considered before.

And that’s precisely the purpose of this article – to give you a few options that you may not know exist and help you to re-envision your trip in new and exciting ways. Let’s take a look at a few options for a beautiful stay in the UK.


Hotels might seem like the more expensive end of the list. In fact, there’s a huge range of hotel experiences available in the UK, from high-end luxury rooms to reasonably priced roadside accommodations. For the former, take a look at Red Carnation Hotels and explore stunning locations throughout London and the south coast.

You can find some real gems like the Rubens Hotel, which overlooks Buckingham Palace – a seriously classy stay! For the latter, Travelodge and Premier Inn are great, easy options with locations all over the UK.


Here’s a traditional style of accommodation that still operates today. Many pubs in the UK were built with comfortable lodgings on the first floor, providing weary travellers with a place to lay their heads.

Inns mix the homeliness of a bed and breakfast with the privacy of a hotel, all with a touch of eighteenth-century gentility that can really make your trip. Take a look at English Inns for more information.


If you prefer a great time over a good night’s sleep, hostels are definitely for you. These highly social communal living quarters are cheap and cheerful, attracting a younger crowd that just needs somewhere to crash after an exciting day.

Most hostels come attached to a bar and run social tours around the local city, but you’ll also find hostels out in the countryside that cater to hikers and sports tourism. Check out the YHA for some great options.

Holiday homes

Holiday homes are definitely the way to go for those looking for unique travel experiences. It’s common for people in the UK to make their homes available for travellers on a short-term basis (usually one to two weeks), and you can find some real gems if you look hard enough. Dreaming of a countryside cottage with views of the ocean? Check out Airbnb for holiday homes all across the UK.

Bed and breakfast

Unlike holiday homes which give you access to a whole house, B&B stays give you a lovely room with a great breakfast every morning. They’re homely, comfortable and affordable. Most of these are small, privately run businesses, so Google Maps is your best friend for finding them.

Camping and caravanning

This week we wrote a great piece on the best places to camp in the UK. When the weather is good, camping is a wonderful, low-cost solution that gives you exposure to some of the most beautiful spaces in the UK. If you don’t fancy sleeping on the ground, caravanning can give you access to nature as well as relative comfort. Again, Google Maps is your best bet for finding the perfect caravan spot.

Couch surfing

For some travellers, simply visiting a place is not enough – they want to get the local view of life. Couch surfing provides travellers with a safe community for meeting and networking with locals living in their destination city who would be happy to put them up for the night. Pick a well-rated host and explore the UK through their eyes.

We hope our list has opened you up to some new ways to experience the UK. For a hassle-free trip, take a look at our extensive list of day tours from London.