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5 reasons to discover London’s most famous music venues

If old rock music songs sometimes get on your mind, you may be ready for cultural immersion in the world’s rock capital! From the Hard Rock Cafe to the back streets of Mayfair, experience London like you never did before to understand where your passion for English rock bands comes from

The landmarks of London undeniably breathe history with the emblematic bands born here. If you are not convinced yet, we give you a few reasons to motivate you to hop on an incredible tour of the best London music attractions. Get your smartphone ready because you will not want to miss a bit! 

Enter the very first Hard Rock Cafe 

Did you know? In 1971 Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett established the first Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of Mayfair, London. Today, Hard Rock International is a globally renowned group with venues in more than 74 countries: Cafes, Casinos and Hotels. Fans love this iconic brand for its incredible entertainment and dining experiences, live music venues and even statement fashion and music goodies!

The story behind the brand’s legendary guitar

Next to the bar, you can discover the guitar that sparked the Hard Rock legendary reputation: the red Fender Leader II guitar from Eric Clapton who was a Hard Rock Cafe regular. Do you know the story? Eric asked Isaac to hang his guitar over his barstool to “mark his spot.” A week later, a package arrived with a guitar and a note “Mine’s as good as his! Love, Pete.” – the note was written by Pete Townshend, another extraordinary guitarist for The Who. 

You will be surprised by the rest of the memorabilia that keeps increasing every day. The collection began at the end of the seventies between two of the greatest guitar players. Today it has grown to over 80,000 pieces. In ‘The Back Room’ you can discover many vintages and iconic items such as copies of Melody Maker circa 1971, an original poster for The Who, or the door from the Beatles’ Apple Studios. 

Step into the Hard Rock Hotel London and its legendary vintage collection

Formerly the Cumberland, the first 900-room Hard Rock Hotel opened in London, marking the first UK property for the iconic brand. Located at the corner of Oxford Street and Park Lane, the hotel pays tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly with a memorabilia collection and original artwork in every bedroom. 

Other iconic items include Freddie Mercury’s Kirkwood teenage piano, Jimi Hendrix’s contracts, tapes and Eric Clapton’s flamboyant cape, one of Ozzy Osbourne’s stage outfits and incredible letters that Buddy Holly wrote during his stay at the hotel. 

Immerse yourself in a variety of London music landmarks

Get exclusive access to the back streets of Mayfair and the superb property where both Jimi Hendrix and George Frideric Handel resided. Not far is the home where Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees composed and lived. 

Some of the most exclusive places with crazy stories of the genesis of rock include the former theatre location where Beatles impresario, Brian Epstein, used to perform on a Sunday, or even Tin Pan Alley with The Rollin’ Stones’ first independently made album, and more.

Turn back time to the ’60s and ’70s

This experience will also take you to famous movie scenes from the Swinging Sixties, a youth-driven cultural revolution in the 1960s, privileging modernity and hedonism when art, music and fashion flourished. Other venues include where The Beatles’ final concert took place, a doorway related to David Bowie’s, and more.

Has this convinced you to discover the endless stories of British rock legends? Experience London’s rock music history like never before!