Picture the scene. It’s a frosty November evening. You step out of a taxi onto Charing Cross Road and take a left onto Cecil Court Road. The street lights hum and flicker with an ethereal orange. Suddenly, a tingle comes across you – a chill that runs up your spine and into your fingertips. But it’s not from the cold – it’s the feeling of magic in the air. This is magical London.

In partnership with SideStory – London’s provider of unique curated tours – Evan Evans is excited to bring you the Magical London tour. Explore the city’s centers of magical energy and experience a real-life magic performance from a member of the Magic Circle – James Pritchard.

From ancient ley lines to Derren Brown, from Terry Pratchett to Harry Potter, London sports a history filled with magic, mysticism, and mystery. If you’re fascinated by all that lies on the other side, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore some of the capital’s magical locations in London that you’ll get to visit on the SideStory Magical London tour.

Cecil Court Road


Have you ever dreamt of what it might be like to step into a Harry Potter novel and visit Diagon Alley – the secret street of the wizarding world? Well, you’ll be excited to hear that it was actually modeled after a real place. Cecil Court Road is a tiny, bustling side street just off Charing Cross Road that has enchanted tourists for generations. It’s a must-see for any aspiring witch or wizard.

Sherlock Holmes pub

There’s more than a handful of mysticism and mystery in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective stories. If you’d love to live a little of the magic, step inside the Sherlock Holmes pub on Westminster’s Northumberland Street. You’ll get to see some of the best Holmsian paraphernalia.

Watkins Books

Since 1893, this esoteric book shop in the center of London has been a center of magical energy the world over. With rare titles, tarot cards, and books on mysticism abounding, Watkins is the perfect place to while away the hours indulging in the world of magic. Based just off Cecil Court Road, it’s ideal to add into your Harry Potter tour experience.

Davenport’s Magic Shop


Davenport’s emporium for magical tools and gadgetry is one of the world’s best for professionals and aspiring illusionists alike. If you love to dazzle and confound your friends with your own brand of magic, Davenport’s is the perfect place to discover brand-new tricks. The shop even has its own magical studio for magic classes and performances. Staff here are exceptionally knowledgeable on all things magic.

So if you’d like to add a little sprinkle of fairy dust, some hocus pocus, and a touch of charm to your visit to London, we can’t recommend these spots enough. Don’t forget to check out Evan Evans’ and SideStory’s Magical London tour to experience these great locations alongside some real magical performances.