Britain is full of interesting heritage locations, stately homes, museums, and lovely gardens. Do you want to know what I would have said to all that when I was 9? Booooriiiing!

I’m not sure about your little ones, but when I was young I wanted adventure and excitement. Fortunately, the UK can provide that in spades too. From ancient castles to theme parks, water sports, parks, beaches, and all sorts of exciting activities both indoors and out. It’s the home of Harry Potter, the Star Wars studios, Alton Towers, the Sealife Center, the London Dungeons and so much more.

Let’s take a quick browse through some of the best destinations in the UK for families wanting adventure.

The Isle of Wight

What kid doesn’t want their own island to explore? If you’re looking for a unique location with a tonne of exciting outdoor activities that you’ve never tried before, the Isle of Wight is the perfect place. Sailing, dinosaur hunting, donkey rides, adventure parks – you name it and they probably have it. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of some of the best weather in the UK and some of the best sea views available.


Yorkshire is an extremely diverse part of the UK with a lot of options for unique days out. The county capital – York – is a beautiful medieval city with a range of cool activities from boating to the York Dungeons. Explore a little further afield, however, and you’ll find some great places to get in touch with nature as a family. The Yorkshire Dales is a picturesque location to explore by foot, and the seaside towns of Scarborough and Whitby are filled with penny-arcades and fish and chip shops. Start exploring it today.


Edinburgh is a magical place to experience at any age, and it’s the perfect place to take the little ones if you want to introduce them to new experiences. Kilts, haggis, bagpipes – you’ll get the whole Scottish experience whilst exploring the fairytale landscape of the city’s streets. They’ll think they’ve stepped inside a Harry Potter movie.

The New Forest

If your family really loves to connect with nature on long bicycle rides, walks in the sun, and fun adventures, then take a closer look at the New Forest. It has one of the greatest ranges of outdoor activities available in the UK, with everything from horseback riding to canoeing to digital combat sports. What’s more, you’ll be able to escape to the pub whilst they’re off exploring.

North Wales

The Snowdonia National Park covers almost half of North Wales and is a treasure trove of adventure ready to be explored. Aside from its extraordinary natural beauty, the rugged terrain offers a range of activities difficult to find elsewhere in the UK, including white-water rafting, panning for gold, and even surfing. Dive deep into this extensive region and experience some of the most exciting adventures yet.

If you’re not sure you’ll get out of London this time around but still want something exciting to do for the kids, check out our fantastic range of London attractions. You won’t find more thrilling (and hassle-free!) ways to spend time with the family all in one place.